GoPro Karma Drone Gimbal System and new HERO5 Cameras

Today GoPro announced their latest HERO5 camera, HERO5 Session camera, and a new online Cloud service to upload all of your GoPro footage for easy editing and sharing to social networks. The biggest improvements on the new HERO5 Black is voice control, automatic uploading to new Cloud Service (over wifi), Image Stabilization, and a complete waterproof build so you no longer need to fuss with a separate housing.


GoPro also released more information about their much anticipated 'Karma System' which is both a Drone and Modular Gimbal Stabilizer. The gimbal can be used handheld or mounted (i.e. helmet, body harness, bike, etc). The same gimbal is also used to stabilize your GoPro HERO5 when flying on the Karma Drone. The Karma Drone design is fairly compact through a folding design and comes with a game style controller with integrated screen (no iphone or tablet needed). The live view image can be streamed to a second operator who also has the option to control the camera - dual operator style.

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6 thoughts on “GoPro Karma Drone Gimbal System and new HERO5 Cameras

  1. Hogo

    The battery and SD card swaps out just like before. Also, the lens IS replaceable! Right now it's intended to be just for damage, but don't be surprised when people start releasing other lenses that fit. Also the choice of USB C is a win. Great little camera.

  2. Still waiting on the reports about overheating at 4k and battery life. My 'experience' usually lasts more than the measly 40 minutes that the previous GoPro could offer. For me Yi2 is the current leader (offering all of this and a longer battery life at an unbeatable price) and the new Sony action cam with the OPTICAL image stabilization comes as a close second (the price though...)

  3. Max

    They've added some sort of software distortion correction mode which is suppose to "fix" the wide lens look.

  4. Paul Wright

    I've got some issues, though. Perhaps they just aren't trying to market their products to people like me anymore though.

    I'm a bit upset that they did the full waterproofing, because this means there's no more hope for removable batteries/sd cards. This has been easy in the past to run around with a gopro all day and only have to switch out a battery every hour and a sd card every few hours. Now, I put this camera on my drone, fly the drone for 20 minutes (or more if I want to buy more than one battery) and then sure I can put my camera on a different mount, but half the battery will already be dead, especially if voice activation and cloud upload is enabled (which will kill the battery, no doubt).

    The only significant upgrade in my mind is the video stabilization, and perhaps a bit of clarity in the footage. Everything else is just to introduce drones to a market that assumes 1. Drones are too expensive and therefore out of reach to most consumers 2. Drones are too complex to fly reliably and therefore are a liability. Neither which are particularly true these days with prices of DJI phantoms coming down, and accessible flight controls that make flying easy.

    We'll see if this is actually going to be as innovative as GoPro is claiming. I'm not fully convinced that this will pull them out of the business trouble they've brought upon themselves. That being said, I will be getting a Hero 5 Black, but I will be sticking with my Phantom 4k.

  5. Hogo

    This is going to be a home run for GoPro. While I would've loved a removable lens system, everything else about this system is pretty damn good. And that price...unbelievable.

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