GoPro HERO3 Software Update – Performance + Reliability

The new GoPro HERO3 cameras are a world apart as far as performance features from the previous HERO2 cameras, but all of the new bells and whistles caused a few reliability issues. I (like many others) have often experienced issues of the HERO3 Black Edition freezing up to where I need to pull the battery out to reset the camera. This wasn't a big deal for me especially when on dry land, but while out in the ocean snorkeling, there's no easy way to pull your camera out of the housing without getting the camera soaked.

GoPro Hero 3 Update

If you haven't caught the news, there's a GoPro HERO3 Software update that not only claims to improve 'reliability' of the camera, but also enhance the performance. If any of you get the chance to field test this new firmware let me know what the results are. I'm hoping to hear that this new firmware update will resolve those 'freezing up' issues. Head on out to the GoPro website for the firmware following the link (HERE).

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16 thoughts on “GoPro HERO3 Software Update – Performance + Reliability

  1. KK

    I have been fighting with my Hero3 silver for a week now trying to upgrade to fix the problem of the camera not charging. Firefox has issues with Java script on the GoPro website - downloaded Safari which doesn't work either, can't unzip the upgrade file when manually updating, as others mention have to go through registration process each time I try. Missed some 'once in a lifetime shots'. Going to buy a different make of camera as soon this one is going out of the window.

  2. I still have the freezing problem, in fact it seem I have it more now than before. The camera seems to be running really hot at times. I really wonder why they can not address the issue, given the popularity of the camera. I also had one file corrupted during a shoot. At this point the camera can not be relied on for must have shots.

  3. Sam

    I find the whole update process very frustrating. Safari has issues everytime with the java stuff, and even though I often update always says I need to download again. I also need to change preferences about enabling java.

    The camera although connected properly is also not recognised half the time for some reason, and sometimes it says NO SD Card even though the card was in the same as 5 second before when it was recognised.

    I also have having to register the product from scratch every time it's annoying each update takes me well over half an hour.

  4. Duhh... I should have read through your whole post before commenting. It looks like that update really did add those extra FOV options.

    SWEET! 🙂

  5. I updated my HERO3 Black more than a month ago after being told at my local camera shop that there was a firmware fix for the freezing issue. So far, the update seems to have fixed it. I've used my HERO3 on a couple of shoots since the update with no freezing problems.

    It looks like the update also added a couple more field of view options to the camera, though I'm not 100% sure about that.

  6. mike_tee_vee

    I'm ready to throw my GoPro 2 and 3 out the window. The highest image quality in the world won't make up for the shots I've missed.

    I'm sick of all these empty promises.

  7. With this update I am finally able to use my remote without any freezing. Better still I am now able to control and preview the Hero black using my netbook remotely just like the GoPro app. This is a good update for me, for now:)

  8. Chris K.

    Lock-ups certainly aren't limited to the 3's, I sold my GoPro 2's after they locked up on more than one occasion, and the 3D was unusable with repeated lockups and other bizarre behavior problems. Happy to leave them behind, nothing but headaches and heartaches.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @J hanna - Quality is worth it if you can deal with the freezing up issue. Typically pulling the battery out and placing it back in will basically reboot the camera when it's locked up. It sounds more like a software issue which hopefully can be resolved through firmware.

  10. J hanna

    So. End of the day.... Worth getting?
    My gf wants to buy me one and i dont want to talk her out of it....but is it worth the headaches?
    I see negative feedback on amazon and makes me wonder.
    Anyone. Thoughts?

  11. mako

    The upgrade makes it easier to use the One Touch setting, and get OUT of the One Touch setting. Good thing about One Touch is that it makes it harder to accidentally change your Mode, ie. Video > Stills

  12. todd

    I am by no means a GoPro apologist, but, after my first cam failed and I sent back to Amazon for a replacement, everything works. Battery life is no where near what is advertised, though. My advice to people having battery issues is to get the Wasabi battery kit which has 2 batteries and a charger along with a car/ac adapter. Batteries are way better than the stock ones, been using hard for 2 months and no issues.

  13. Rob

    As above, updated to what seems like the same version but can't really tell. Maybe it crashes less -- but not sure. After the updates, I've had the camera freeze up three times. I can only use this on shots that are "optional" and use other cameras for critical "must have" shots or use it when there is enough time and resources to reshoot. I do really like the quality of the images and using the iPhone to control the Gopro with wifi but the freezing up is annoying. The camera does get pretty hot so maybe it overheats and shuts down so there might not be an easy software fix???

  14. getem

    Does it freeze on all modes or only certain ones? I am looking to buy the new Go Pro and needed to make sure


  15. Quinn

    So I just did this update, and I ended up with the same Ver. number as the update from 2 weeks ago. So I think this is just a late email to tell people to download the April 23 update.

    Which, by the way, doesn't fix the freezing problems.

    GoPro sure make it hard for us users to know whats going on with their cameras. They never list the Ver. number on the update page, and you have to "register" every time you need to update.

    It's really frustrating and I'd sell this camera in an instant if it wasn't for the fact that when it works, nothing comes close to the images this can produce.

    Rock and a hard place.

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