GoPro Hero3 Black and Silver – On Sale

Thanks for the tip on this, if anyone else hasn't been up to date, the GoPro Hero3 Black or Silver Edition cameras are currently on sale. Knocking off up to $70 dollars off this popular little camera is a pretty sweet deal at the website (check it out here).

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Silver On Sale

Buy GoPro HERO Camera at

4 thoughts on “GoPro Hero3 Black and Silver – On Sale

  1. Jon

    Black edition is still cheaper from Amazon UK than direct from GoPro. (I didn't check the silver) $330 vs £360 though I'm guessing the UK price includes tac whilst the US one doesn't. The prices haven't been slashed through on the GoPro site for me like they have in your screenshot.

    I guess it is a US only sale? Though I see the same price is also on offer on Amazon US. As with buying everything still do your homework before just going for a sale price. If websites are like the supermarkets here some offers can work out more expensive than the normal price!

    Thanks for the heads up though, been after a black one and I don't like to miss a deal!

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