Going the Distance – 500mm Mirror Lenses just $100 bucks?

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Mirror Lenses are another piece of old technology that's slowly making it's way back to the mainstream. It's a different design in lenses that allows for super telephoto in a super compact form factor (not to mention cheap). We're talking getting 500mm for $100.00 and 1000mm lenses for $200 dollars. << that's no typo. That's cheaper than just basic Kit lenses. Many photographers have been using Mirror Lenses for Wildlife photography to get those distant shots. Now that HD Video seems to have taken a turn to DSLR's, these lenses are growing in popularity by Film Makers. The price can't be beat and you can take some awesome stealth footage without being up in someone's face. Great if you're planning on using video as a Papparazi or Stalker? Check out the Rokinon 500mm Mirror Lens.

3 thoughts on “Going the Distance – 500mm Mirror Lenses just $100 bucks?

  1. I picked up one of these last Christmas. The picture quality isn't perfect, but acceptable. But for $120 where else can you get 500mm of zoom. The lens is only a f8, but in bright sunlight you can get awesome shoots on things 2-300 meters away. I've gotten close ups of windsurfers quite a way off shore.

    I find the colours tend to be a bit off, but that is easily corrected in Photoshop. It is not as god as a Canon lens, but it is worth the price

  2. terry

    Can we get some vid with this? (Gettin a little spoiled with the reviews huh?) Are mirror lenses clear? I haven't be able to get a good review on them. everyone says they are trash, but don't own them, nor have shot with them. What do you think?

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