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Hopefully the Glidecam HD1000 will be showing up next week. As many of you might know, I currently fly the HD4000 (big boy) and I love it. But in order for me to get smooth results with such a big stabilizer I have to load it up quite a bit, otherwise it's just way to loose. It gets heavy with all the gear loaded up (hence the vest) but flies really really smooth. There's times when I need to fly without a vest, so in my head I think I can get the HD1000 to fly some of these lighter DSLR's such as the Canon 550D / T2i or Sony NEX. It should be in sometime next week. If anyone currently uses the HD1000, please let me know what camera + lens you have balanced and possibly some sample videos. Thanks!

Here's the prices for the Glidecam HD1000 over at

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  1. Fred

    I've had the hd2000 for a few years now and love it.
    Balances well with my 5dm2 and the 17-40/4, with the rode mic.
    I got the forearm attachment and it really helps with stability.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    Yes any stabilizer even the tiny Hague can be tiring. The HD versions of Glidecam make it easy to take the camera on and off without having to rebalance.

  3. Hey, you gonna make a video review of this as you did with the hauge stabilizer? I like so much the look of glidecam, and seems more 'professional' to me, but most of the people say that's way harder to balance, and hurts your fist easily after a while, what you think ? Do you think that after make the first balance when one lens you can quickly make the same 'setup' to mount next time ?

    Waiting for the video,

  4. I'm struggling with the 1000 vs 2000 decision as well. If I can avoid spending the extra $100, then I will, but I want the ability to mount "extras".

    Anyone have any thoughts on a T2i, with a 17-50mm lens, loupe, and a mic (or digital recorder) attached. Would this fly on the 1000?

    I'm also concerned about the overall weight.

  5. I use a HD1000, but with a Canon 7D. I kind of regret not getting the HD2000. I can get some goodish results with practice, but the problem is I can't add anything to my camera. The 7D with a wide angle lens (my 18-135 or my 11-16) works, but you can forget using a light or a mic.

    For the t2i this shouldn't be a problem though. Here's a sample video with the 7D on the Glidecam HD1000. It's a running shot, and one of the first I did :

    Here's slower one, I was going backwards so it's a little wobbly :

    They are both just hand held, so it does get a little heavy on longer shots. So with a 7D is just just... but with a T2i it should work fine!

  6. I have an HD-2000 and a 550D. I must add 4 weight plates on top (tied with cable ties!) in order to make it balance.. I hope when my indyRAILS + indiFOCUSmini arrives things will work better without those plates..

  7. Emm

    Post author

    Yes that does work. The problem though is the steadicam jr needs more weight. The T2i is too light. You'll end up using weights on top to load it up. Once you start adding those weights, it defeats the purpose of finding a lightweight stabilizer. The T2i can balance on the Hague but it's at it's limit. There's another one that looks like the hague from IndieHardware but says it's beefier. Hopefully I get one of those in to test soon too httpss://

  8. Utah62

    And what about the Steadicam JR in combination with the T2i? You also have that rig shown before with a 7D. Does it also work with theT2i?

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