Glide Gear Horn Stabilizer Grip

The guys over at Glide Gear recently shared an interesting little Handle Grip called the 'Horn'. You can mount your camera directly to the Horn simulating a Fig-Rig style setup along with a few accessories such as an LED video light.

The most interesting thing about the Horn of course is the ability to add a stabilizer (a.k.a steadicam) to the Horn allowing you to use two hands instead of one. Now you can minimize faitigue by distributing the weight across two hands. Best of all, you'll still be able to add accessories that would otherwise be impossible to add with just a stabilizer itself.

The Glide Gear Horn is available at just under $60 dollars, and more info at the product page (click here).

Glide-Gear-Horn-Stabilizer Glide gear horn two handed stabilizer
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12 thoughts on “Glide Gear Horn Stabilizer Grip

  1. The pan locks is a new feature and come with the stabilizer so it can be used with the Pro Action Jib and the Horn but it can also be purchased separately if you already have the DNA-1000 or DNA-5050.

  2. sorimachi

    Interesting, would love to see more review. Think to get one If this work with the focusing issue too.

  3. Terry Mickie

    All you need after this is the "Cheesy Atlas LIKE rig." Suspend the fig rig with carbon fiber fishing poles in the backpack and BOOM!!

  4. Will this work with the DNA 1000? And the pan lock, does that come with the Horn or is it a separate purchase? I don't remember seeing that when I got my 1000... probably tossed it as one of those left over extra parts lol

  5. Hey Guys,

    I'm an engineer at Glide Gear and designed the Horn. Your questions about the panning are questions we asked ourselves too when developing the Horn.
    You have 2 solutions:
    - you can see the Horn as a steering wheel and use your 2 arms to pan or also counteract any unwanted panning of the camera. It works very well, especially if you are moving fairly slow.
    - For faster motion, we added a system to limit the panning of our stabilizer. It comes standard with any of our stabilizers.

    Another cool feature of the Horn is that it can be used with a vest and arm system as well.

    Hope this answered your question.

  6. I think there's some friction to allow panning but tilting seems really hard. you'd have to make the glidecam really bottom heavy to get it somewhat stable over this rig.

  7. OldCorpse

    Same question as above - how do you turn/steady the stabilizer? The ability to mount things like monitors and microphones is nice though.

  8. I don't understand, when I use my Glidecam I always have one hand on the handle and then the other hand at the gimbal steadying/controlling the camera's fine movements. It seems like having both hands on the frame would leave the camera free to turn/tilt ...

  9. Scott

    I love to see new products thanks for posting. Looks like a great fig-rig alternative.

    I am a little confused as to how you could effectively use this one with a Steadicam Sled, though.

    How would you pan/hold the sled's post if both of your arms are supporting the unit? Wouldn't any wind cause the sled to drift?

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