Gini Rigs Color Splash?

If I had to figure out who made this green DSLR cage with polished clamps, I would never have guessed it's actually a Gini Rig. [Thanks Steve] Normally we see the Gini Rigs sporting a cliche' and traditional Black with Red accents, but now we're seeing a bit of color splash in a few products. What do you guys think? Go or No-Go? There's a few more new Cage and rig configurations over at the Gini store following the link (click here).

Gini Rig Color Splash Green CageScreen shot 2012-01-20 at 10.16.10 PM
find-price-button Gini Rigs Green DSLR Video Cage

12 thoughts on “Gini Rigs Color Splash?

  1. Gini is always having a "sale". It's called the "Door in the Face" technique - look it up on eBay. He offers it at some ridiculous Buy It Now price ($1000!) and with a low auction price ($180!).

    He definitely makes some good stuff, but this green version is just plain ridiculous! I'm voting for the Black and Red, all the way!

  2. J Hanna

    Gini is having a "promotion" rite now on ebay. it looks like they are just cleaning house but I picked up their standard no frills cage with shipping costs for 150$
    not bad. the capa and other poor mans cages have weird mounts at the body. I like ginis basic cage bc it keeps everything small and tight.
    as for this thing...I have a similar setup. I call it the I'm in a perfect environment to have a giant rig with a thousand things strapped to my camera rig. Hardly happens...but when it does it is conveinant. and silver/green? who cares. don't buy it. BUT I'm suuuuure someone will get a kick out of it.
    if you have olivia in FRONT of the camera, who cares what the rig looks like. 😉

  3. Austin

    Green and black an thats might work, but green and silver, yuck. Blue and silver might work though.

  4. Altamiradora

    Just made an offer on Ebay ! 20$ !

    The automated process declined right away ! Anyway, with that color, this is the max I would pay !

  5. noooooooo..
    not unless it was far superior to everything else.. and the price was really good.
    But it's not, it's just a rig... A green rig.
    Even if I did have one I'd paint it or something.

  6. Scottrellwi

    It is hideous! What are they thinking? I am sure the quality is right up there with the rest of their stuff. But green? I would need to paint it right away.

  7. Depends on where you are shooting and if there is a possibility of seeing a reflection (or seeing your rig in from another camera).

    Most times the black is a safe bet. But sometime the silver is good as well. I would assume the green/red falls into that thought process.

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