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This morning I woke up and literally slapped myself in the head for finally figuring something out that should have been pretty obvious from the start. A few months ago Gini DSLR Rigs began working on a few prototype follow focus system that attached only to one rail. The first versions were based on a Huco gearbox, which is the same stuff found in old RedRock Micro Follow Focus systems. Gini eventually ditched the Huco gearbox and began working on a second design with a different gearbox.


Through this process there were unfinished versions so it wasn't clear about the direction this follow focus was heading. Now that there are more recent images of the new Follow Focus, I finally figured out the inspiration for this design! (Slaps ForeHead) The entire time the follow focus was being developed, it was based on the Cinevate Durus Follow Focus system. Single Rail mount, adjustable marking point, the removable marking disc, knob design, and latest gearbox design. In fact the new Gini Lens gears are also a tribute to Cinevates universal lens gears. Here's a side by side on the FFs.

Cinevate-Durus-Follow-Focus Gini iFocus Follow Focus
Cinevate Durus (left) Gini Latest Follow Focus (right)

Hands down, the Cinevate Durus Follow Focus is the best Follow Focus i've used under $1300 dollars. If you want something rock solid, literally ZERO Backlash, and built to last for years don't hesitate on any of Cinevate's equipment. They make the best sliders, Matte Boxes, Follow Focus systems, and more. Customer service behind all their equipment is a big added bonus. Find more of Cinevate products (click here).

find-price-button Cinevate Durus Follow Focus

From looking at all the other photos, Gini truly appears to have been inspired around the Cinevate Durus, but the question is how closely has the new FF followed in actual design? Gearbox design? You can see all the new additional photos following the link (click here).

Gini Follow FocusGini Follow FocusLens Gear Gini
find-price-button Gini i Focus Follow Focus

19 thoughts on “Gini New Follow Focus System

  1. m Kelly

    I bought one of these follow focus,

    BUT it has a bad fluid leak out of the gear box... so far I have not been able to get any response from GinRIgs about the problem

  2. Brandon

    Hey I REALLY want to buy this follow focus but I have looked everywhere and not seen even a single photo of this follow focus on a Camera could someone tell me, if the gear that comes with the iFocus fit all lenses? or do i need to buy separate gears later on.

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  4. If I completely removed the existing base plate from the Gini Rig and swapped it for a new one, I imagine it would not be much of an issue to use any other plate, since the rods have a standard diameter. But the existing plate offers vertical adjustment and I imagine it might come in handy when trying to align different cameras with the matte box, FF, etc. So, my intent was to keep both plates, the one it came with and add the extra plate for the sticks, assuming that's not an overkill.

    So, I appreciate the tip. I saw one Jag35 had for around $100, some Chinese ones like the one Serge suggested for $30-40 and now this Express35 you pointed out.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - There is a bit of tolerance for all rods and clamps. I've been able to mix and match all my rods and clamps with no issues. You should be fine using another manufacturers stuff with Gini. Here's a basic tripod mount with several holes (you can use one to align the pin)

  6. I just got one of the new Gini FF. This guy ships pretty fast so, I'm guessing I'll have it by the end of this coming week and I'll do a review of it, again, not having experience with other FF on the market.

    So, my question is this to Emm, and anyone who can answer it. Still looking for a good base plate solution, to put the Gini rig on sticks and my main requirement is that it has two holes on the underside, one for the main screw one for a secondary screw (sometimes it's that little retractable stud, whatever it's called on a lot of plates) so the rig, which will weigh quite a bit when matte box, ff, LED light, Zoom, mic, monitor is on it, does not drift on the plate. So, after what Serge suggested, I've been researching different plates and options all over the price range, and I came across this spec. Everybody makes 15mm rods for all these rigs, which is a standard. But is the space BETWEEN the rods a standard? I saw a few vendors that say 60mm between the rods (center to center of rod) and I measured my Gini rig and the space between them is approximately 2 3/8" which translates roughly to 60.3 mm, so to the best of you guys' knowledge is the space between the rods a standard as well? Which if it's the case, would give me quite a few options for finding a base plate for the sticks.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - A decent one is the Falcon Follow focus from which is designed high to hit smaller lens gears. This new Gini's machining and manufacturing is known to be very precise. This new FF is no longer using the Huco Gearbox, so this could be interesting if he makes it himself.

  8. Tony

    "Hands down, the Cinevate Durus Follow Focus is the best Follow Focus i’ve used under $1300 dollars." Ok Emm...whats your 2nd and 3rd favorites. =) I need a bridge FF before I get to Cinevate price range.

  9. @ Apostolos I know Emm will point you a better direction but you might want to take a look at these options:

    which you could use it for something like this...

    You also might want to take a look into all these cool set ups by every company out there, since you already have the Gini parts you can make yours into any of these 20+ setups.

  10. I might end up getting one of those. I'll do a review if I do. I don't really have anything to compare it to, but I'll give it a shot.

    I have another Gini related question. I just got my first Gini rig and I'm slowly configuring it. One thing that I'm trying to solve is attaching it to sticks. The underside of the base plate has only one screw, for 1/4 inch I believe. I haven't added FF or matte box on it and already this thing is unbalanced. So if I want to put a quick release Manfrotto plate on the bottom of its base plate, the ones with the two screws, to prevent it from drifting, what do I do? Gini was some base plate on his website that looks like it has holes for two screws, but it's $420, more than I paid for the entire rig shipped!

  11. Price: $1,254.75 for the Durus?!?! $199 for the Gini?....

    Yeah Gini is the way to go. I would kindly pay for the official product once they stop asking for more than my mortgage.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Gene - I have a Cinevate Durus follow focus, best one of the bunch. I don't really need another right now, but i'm interested to see how the new gearbox design works.

  13. Matthew

    I bought 2 large gears with teeth that clamp to the lens to increase diameter like this:

    That was before I received my Gini rig and RJ follow focus. I was worried that my small diameter lenses with smaller gears wouldn't reach the follow focus. It turns out there is no issue. So, I just ordered these zip tie gears:

    The large gears from ebay work great, but take up too much space. I would like to have a gear on each lens at all time and the zip tie gears are perfect for that. Also, the gear that comes with the RJ works but is poorly made.

    It will be interesting to see some hands on reviews with the new Gini follow focus. I love my shoulder rig.

  14. Gene

    Hey Emm, are you going to be doing a review anytime soon? That would be awesome. Gini should just give you a review copy since you've sent him countless customers.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - Looks like it was designed to 0.8 standard. Most of those lens gears are using that same standard.

  16. What do you do for gears if you were to get this one? He only has one metal gear, which I don't know what size it is. I've seen sets of Chinese and Indian gears, for low prices.

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