Gift Giving Time – Out of Ideas?

Old video - The 24-105mm has been upgraded with Stainless Steel Inserts

If you're out of gift ideas for what to get your camera geek buddies, you may want to check out the Coffee Mug Lens Replicas. I'm all over this one. After the initial release of the Canon 70-200mm F/4 at the Olympics, there's been quite a few new additions of 'Lens Replica Coffee Mugs' including Nikon versions. The Nikon version i'm showing in my gallery actually 'Zooms' in and out, which is quite whimsical. The details on these replicas are incredible with the recent versions being over 95% detailed to match the real deal. The new versions also include stainless steel inserts for hot beverages, perfect for both Camera lovers and Coffee Drinkers. I have quite a few myself which you can check out in the galleries below. The 24-105mm Lens mug you see in my gallery is the old one. The new Canon 24-105mm F/4 Replica Lens mug now has a stainless steel insert and is more accurate in replica details.

Originally these items were crazy over priced upwards of $100 dollars each with rare finds, but now the the trend has died down and there's more sellers available. The new cheaper prices sometimes found for about $10 dollars for these things make for the perfect Christmas gift for any Camera enthusiast. A gift you know won't end up being recycled back to someone else, LOL. You'll find local sellers that can get you one in short time, but if you're looking to get this by the big Holiday for cheap over seas pricing, you may want to pad for some shipping time and order soon.

find-price-button Nikon Coffee Mug Telephoto Zoom

find-price-button Canon Lens Mug Coffee Mug Replica Telephoto Zoom

12 thoughts on “Gift Giving Time – Out of Ideas?

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  2. Ahh man! Got my 24-105mm cup witb the stainless steel insert......however mine doesnt have the cool lens cap/hood like yours does in the video 🙁

  3. Fabdex

    Great idea Emm: I have a gift exchange in a few weeks, so I bought two of them (of course, I'm keeping one for me).

    And I second Harlan's comment: your site is addictive (in a good way).


  4. Melonmaudic

    Thanks a lot for all the informations.

    I think I speak for everyone, it's a great website!!!

    We learn a lot.

    Of course, I've just ordered my canon lens mug 😉

  5. Rabby

    Thanks. Emm I love these. Getting some for XMas. May be I will just pretent dropping one and see how some of my friends would react. Can't wait to see their faces. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Harlan

    Hey Emm. I just want to take a second, and I think I can speak for all your web viewers, to thank you for having such an awesome website. You do a fantastic job and really help us all out and save us a ton of money. Have an awesome Thanksgiving.

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