GH2 Firmware Higher Video Bitrate

Panasonic released a firmware update for the GH2 camera earlier today with some improvements, one of the features being an option for higher video bitrate (quality). Still nothing as impressive as the firmware hacks out there, but if you're a bit weary on third party stuff, and happened to jump on the current GH2 deal at B&H, the new firmware is a good start. Found here

Panasonic GH2 Camera
find-price-button Panasonic GH2 w/ 14-42mm Lens (Black Body)

7 thoughts on “GH2 Firmware Higher Video Bitrate

  1. Shenan

    kicam, I'll be quick because I'm in a hurry, but do some research first on all that is involved in getting good video out of the GH2 HDMI. It's not as simple as record and throw on the timeline. You have to process it first to get it right, I believe using avisynth or something like that.

  2. Carlos D

    @kicap External recorder is way better. SD Card with hack still compresses to AVCHD codec. HDMI out is uncompressed with a better color space (4:2:2 vs 4:2:0).

  3. Rabby

    @johnson Thanks! Didn't really think of that.

    Does the spare 2GB cards you mentioned also needs to be Class 10 or any class 6 would work..just to swap back & forth.

  4. From what I have been looking around, it seems that the Hack will not be beneficial if I am going to output the footage thru HDMI and records it on an external recorder such as Atomos Ninja right? Or I am being silly here?

    Which is better? External hard drive bypassing all of its compression or stick to Hack on the SD card?

    P.s. I still contemplating to buy the GH2 before the sales at B&H ends here so your reply is highly appreciated guys!

  5. johnson


    44, 66, and 88 have been stable and solid on my 32gb Transcend Class 10.

    I keep two spare 2gb cards with me, one has 44mbps hack, other has 88mbps. I'm able to swap on the go, due to need to longer record times.

    Factory settings, I get over 3hrs record time on 32gb card.
    44mbps gets 1hr 45mins
    88mpbs gets under 1hrs.

    Don't ask about 176mbps, you get under 1min/gb.

  6. Rabby

    Thanks Emm,

    After you replied I ordered my last night should get in the 14th. Have you hacked you GH2, if you did which setting did you find most stable? I have been reading some but there are so many test, bit confusing right now. I guess I will have to wait till I get the camera.


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