Get Faded – Fader ND filters

If you're looking to get some Depth Of Field outdoors on a bright sunny day, you might find that your DSLR shutter speeds are going to be crazy fast. So what are professionals doing? Well you basically have to cut that light from coming into the camera. Get yourself some ND filters or Neutral Density filters, and you'll be able to get more Depth Of Field in your aperture settings. One of the best solutions is the Fader ND, which is like having 8 different filters all in one. Check out the video above, and then get the product from the link below.

The Fader ND was used in this video to get that F/1.4 aperture on a bright sunny day.

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Andy - to keep the shutter speed low and aperture wide open at the same time when its bright. slow shutter looks different than fast shutter.

  2. Andy

    What use cases exist for this gadget? I mean, just to face out a scene would be without a doubt be smoother when done using appropriate software. So is it just to darken a scene? Can't you just set the camera accordingly to lower brightness?

  3. So far I actually just use a ND8 filter, cost nothing on ebay and works for most of my outdoor projects. It is however tempting to be able to just put on the Fader and keep your settings the way you want them, but a filter or two (nd4, nd8 and maybe a little stronger) can get the job done pretty well, for those with a lower budget.

    Here's an example image with a ND8 filter, shooting at 1/50th, f/1.4, and ISO 100 I think. Might have been harder if the sun had been completely out, but here it worked like a charm:

    Hope it helps!

  4. Lavina

    That's a great one. I got it from Light Craft Workshop (

    Shipped in 7 days with well package. The owner seems to have some knowledge on photography, sounds like he was a commercial photographer before. I asked a few questions and he could answer me very well and sounds professional.

    I saw there's an as or Amazon for the Fader ND here, but from what I saw in some forum, it seems to be a knock off of the original Fader nd. From what I know, Light Craft Workshop should be the original one.

  5. Nice. Still retaining the skin tones and color over all is important. Like the saturation of the shots and the depth of field at 1.4 is a nice touch good job

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