HDSLRNOW Gear Tip – LadderKart

A Step Ladder and Hand Truck are two pieces of gear that we commonly have handy when carting around to a location. Well, here's a handy quick tip from HDSLRNOW.com regarding a combo step ladder / hand truck unit. The one featured in the video is the more affordable $65 dollar version, but there are other more expensive LadderKarts following the link via Amazon (click here).

LadderKart Ladder Hand Truck Dolly Combo
find-price-button LadderKart Combo Ladder Hand Truck Cart Dolly

4 thoughts on “HDSLRNOW Gear Tip – LadderKart

  1. I've had one of these for a few years now and it's fantastic! I've even been able to move a refrigerator and range around with it. Like josh mentioned, it's no good for stairs.

  2. i have one of these, just want to point out that while i use it all day, and on every shoot i do (events and bar mitzvahs etc) the cart is no good for stairs, the wheels are not big enough to roll up without scraping. so find the elevator!

  3. Vinny Sommantino

    I bought one of these 6 months ago for the same use, works extremely well for elevated shots. As the reviewer points out, the cart also comes in very handy. Vin

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