Future Wireless Kit (backup) solution

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I've been researching a cheap affordable solution for a Wireless Lav kit. After doing my own research, I think i'm going to settle on this Azden Wireless LAV / Handheld kit. It's fairly cheap inexpensive and has 37 reviews with almost 5 stars over at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com. I guess I'm not sure how well the handheld microphone is going to perform, but I've heard quality samples coming from the LAV mic. It definitely beats trying to grab the audio from your DSLR in a noisy environment. Hey for the price, you can't complain. It's actually about $10 dollars cheaper to buy this kit from BHPHOTOVideo.com rather than eBay too, so if you're thinking the same, here's the link.

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If you're curious about the quality, you can always rent it for as little as $10 dollars now from BorrowLenses.com my favorite DSLR equipment rental place.Click Here.

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4 thoughts on “Future Wireless Kit (backup) solution

  1. Chad

    Did you by chance every purchase this set and try it out? I've been looking for an affordable wireless kit to use in conjunction with my Zoom out in the field.

  2. Carlos

    do you know if this is weak against short wave radio transmiters in the same VHF spectrum. it happens here in Panamá, Panama were radio taxis use the same spectrum to use walkie talkies.

    Thanks for all the review.

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