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Here's a clever free standing Monopod that might be useful for more than just camera support. In the image they show a free standing DSLR with a long telephoto lens which is quite a bit of weight. Packs down to about 20 inches, much smaller and lighter than your basic light stand and with a mini ball head attached, it could also serve to hold a microphone, a portable audio recorder, or LED video light in place. Maximum height is approximately 4' 6".

Monopod light StandMonopod Tripod Standing

Should be able to hold a portable Photo Flash when working on portraits or Macro photography, or maybe just throw a small camera off to the side for Time Lapsing an event while you run around shooting. I guess something like this would also work as an extra stabilizer towards the end of your Camera Slider. The Monopod works as a usual monopod, but if you need it in free standing mode, it has three legs that extend to a fairly stable tripod stand (unlike the small feet on the Manfrotto's). If you're in the market for a Monopod, this might be pretty a cool dual, triple, or quadruple purpose stand.

Monopod Stand
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36 thoughts on “Free Standing Monopod – Audio / Light Stand

  1. Just want it to be ultra portable. so i could use it for monopod or light stand. Are there any light stands which are little weight small ?

  2. Hmm, but if you were to put sandbags or something heavier on the legs will it be stable? Have you tried to use a 5dMark with 24-70 lens on it as a monopod .Will it hold?

  3. Hi Emm , so how these monopods? Are they stable enough to fit a softbox with speedlights ? And without the free standing mode(a single pole) how tall is it ? 1400mm?

  4. Emm

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    @Lee - Definitely would not suggest anything heavier than what a small DSLR weighs, and also check the height. These will only go so high.

  5. Lee

    Hi, was considering getting one of these on ebay but would like to hear what you think - are they ok to hold up as a light stand? Was thinking of using it as a reflector stand (with an arm) or maybe a light or mic stand.. Pls let me know if you got to try one out. Thanks

  6. Emm

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    @Franklin - Neither of these items will ever replace a good travel tripod. These are helpful if you want to travel light, but they aren't very tall.

  7. Franklin

    So is the Manfrotto more sturdy? I thought this was perfect for going on a trip but I haven't heard of this brand before, and the Manfrotto doesn't have raving reviews...

  8. Emm

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    @Julius - Actually you're right, I was using that one last year. The Manfrotto is definitely a better monopod because it is taller and functions more like a monopod. The feet is just OK for free standing.

  9. Emm

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    @Julius - The Manfrotto is not free standing, it has feet but can't stay up on it's own. The Manfrotto is definitely much taller than this version though.

  10. Hi Emm, was just about to purchase manfrotto version then i've found this article :D.

    planning to use this with 70-200 though, but vutooth mentioned it would be to heavy. What do you think, i wouldn't leave it unmanned with 70-200 but i just thought its lighter to use this as a tripod replacement shooting video.

    thanks !

  11. Hi, Not very impressed with this monopod/tripod. It certainly doesn't hold a heavy dslr with lens. Not very tall as monopods or tripods go and my top screw that holds the head in place has come loose and doesn't tighten anymore.

    I certainly would NOT recommend this for anything but light cameras or as a stand for a microphone but even then any gust of wind and this thing will fall over.

  12. Just got mine in from China...even came with a case. Emm, you're right, it's VERY sturdy, much more than the Manfrotto. Much more sturdy than the Zipshot tripod, though not as short folded up. Probably wouldn't stick a 70-200 on it, but GH2 and Rebel-class SLRs should hold up fine. If anyone else gets one, you need to twist the handle to get the upper leg to slide out. My copy requires a little bit of teasing to get the rubber feet folded back in. Thanks for the tip, Emm!

  13. Serge

    Oh great! They are just closet door hangers!!!
    How did I miss this post??? Thanks Emm!!!

  14. Emm

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    @Serge @ Apostolos - Here's an old article on the RigWheels along with some comments httpss://

  15. @Apostolos

    Hahaha! I know what you mean about the names, its so confusing. I love that set up with the rods being used as a zip line and all but how much is that going to set you back?

    The rig wheels could be used on cheaper home depot $15 20 foot rail tracks as in this video
    not only on pvc...

    And just like the cinevate stuff could be mounted under the rig to slide on table tops too

    heavier? for sure.

  16. @ Serge

    I'm not sure those "rigwheels" are going to be more practical or cheaper. It looks like he's putting them on PVC pipe. I've tried that with skateboard wheels and PVC pipe, but then you're talking about a traditional tripod dolly system. I wanted something along the lines of a slider only longer. Cinevate has this Medusa rig which you can slide on a set of 15mm rods. Again, in theory, you can raise it off the floor, on a couple of sturdy stands and you won't have tracks on the floor. Look at this demo video.

    I said Medusa, I meant Pegasus. Freakin' Greek names got me all confused. 🙂

  17. Lots of info to process, thank you. I have their Medusa rig in my crosshairs. I almost bought it a few weeks ago, but they're a small outfit with limited production runs and they were out of it. And they were redesigning it. I still like to buy it because according to them, you can use up to 10ft rods with it and essentially make a huge slider out of it, for some specific shots I have in mind.

  18. Emm

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    @Apostolos - Yeah definitely not entry level budget for the Titan, but the entire design is just...'everything'. If you shop for Matteboxes long enough you'll find out a few things that just make sense. First, the ones that screw into the front of the lens makes changing lenses slower and won't allow you to rotate and use a basic 77mm CPL on the lens itself. So you have to buy a CPL 4x4 filter (more money). The ones that mount on rails, don't always 'swing away'. That sucks when you have to change or adjust for lenses.

    The Titan allows for swing away and also allows for a Top Handle mount. I'm always adding a top handle mount to any of my rigs, it's just easier to handle. The Titan also has areas for Hot Shoe mounts, which is super useful for LED lights or Audio mounts. There's so many things other matte boxes are not doing, and the Titan just has it all. Check out this video and you'll see what I mean:

  19. I like Cinevate's products and the whole vibe of the company, their innovation, etc. Not sure I would always rate them as "affordable." But I'll go check it out.

  20. P-Gitty

    Hey Emm, What's your opinion on the two ball head options that they are offering? You think it's a good deal? When you tried it at the event did they have the red ball head attached?

  21. Emm

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    @Apostolos - For a matte that has all the best features and more, Cinevate Titan.

  22. True that! I now what you mean on traveling with the light stands, been asked many times by people if I was a hunter, thinking I must have had a shot gun in those cases...

    I will look forward to your review, could be something I could use, I was going to invest in 2 just now but those extra two legs that split look kind of thin to me, will wait to see what you say...

    Thanks Emm!

  23. Emm

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    @Serge - I use light stands to hold some of my gear too, but traveling with them sucks since they don't collapse down as small as this monopod. I have several of these light duty ones for lightweight gear: Light duty 7ft light stand Photography Video light stands

    They also don't serve real well as an actual monopod for camera use. I ordered one of these after seeing a setup at an event, i'll let you know how it goes.

  24. Emm

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    @VuTooth - I tried the Manfrotto, it's not very stable. I saw one of these at an event and looked pretty strong.

  25. Manfrotto has a similar design...for a lot, lot more. I went ahead and bought this ebay model...can't wait to try it. It's probably wobbly for a tripod, but extra stable for a monopod.

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