Frankie N Films – DIY Garage Fan

As you can tell, some of my DIY rigs are all out in the wild. Many have taken some of my very Cheesy basic ideas and have added their own improvements to it, making some very cool rigs. I get totally inspired seeing DIY's out there and sometimes come up with new ideas, so hopefully we'll see more submissions to this blog. Here's and Interesting rig setup submitted by Frankie N. Films. The rig which has a quick release mount, stabilizer handles, under-slung camera handle, and shoulder support was all done from an old Fan in the garage.

Here's a quote from Frankie N. Films:

after seeing your cage lol i decided to make something myself with bunch of aluminum parts that i had from this old fan, sitting in garage

Thanks for sharing, i'd love to see more rigs out there. If you have 'em, share 'em!