– Thanks!


Just wanted to give a big thanks to for the huge huge donation to support this website, and want to re-thank the others who have donated as well. I'm flattered there are so many readers from different places of the world, and also at different levels of where they choose to take Videography and Photography.

As some of you might already know, I do share alot of things on this blog. Then again there are some things I'll surprise you with later at some point, such as my DIY Skater Dolly a.k.a. SpiderTraxDolly, which will be shipping very very very soon. I'll have an order of my new (secret) little thingies hopefully next month that have been manufactured in bulk, and i'll be giving one away to each person for their donations as a special thanks from Cheesycam. If anyone is looking for it, the donation button is at the top right column of this blog.....hint hint..nudge nudge...