Flycam Nano, Flycam Nano DSLR, Flycam 3000

I think i've received at least 2 questions/day since this new 'Flycam Nano DSLR' had been advertised online. It's quite confusing since there already is a Flycam Nano that supports DSLRs. This one claims to be better and can handle more weight. Of course it does! It's bigger and looks almost exactly like the Flycam 3000 (far right). Did they just swap the handle and slap on the Nano name because the hottest search term is 'Flycam Nano'? The Flycam DSLR is just about the same price as the Flycam 3000 too. To me it just doesn't make sense.. what do you make of it all?

Flycam Nano

Flycam Nano DSLR

Flycam 3000

My personal opinion is that you should use the max capacity for any stabilizer. If you get something bigger than the original Nano, then you may have to end up adding more weights to the top of the camera in order to make it fly better. So do you need a larger one? Unless you're pushing more weight that the common 7D + Tokina 11-16mm (BTW you can balance a bit more than that), then you don't need to go to the next level. I have several stabilizers and the one I take with me the most is the smallest one I can pack to do the job. The Glidecam HD4000 and Steadicam vest are only called upon when I really need to carry some weight...

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  1. VEE

    hey Emm ! glad i came across this thread! so i don't have to continue to ask on the older post! so this pretty much explain everything! i like the red and black better than the blue anyways! plus smaller and just right for my t3i/tokina11-16/and battery grip combo!!!so imm going to go with the "flycam nano" not the "DSLR nano" i really appreciate your help! thanks again EMM! you are too generous!

  2. This is very good info. I hope to get some help from anyone here. I got 60D with 50mm 1.4 and 18-55mm and may use LED and grip so I'm guessing the DSLR flycam nano would be enough but not sure if it's easy to setup and use. Any advice?

  3. Marina

    Hi, i have a kd Mark III. I just dont know which flycam suits me best. I have a 28mm and 50 mm both f/1.4. I've been doing reserach and I top with the Carbon Fiber Flycam, do you know if it makes any difference the material?? Ive been watching Shoulder Rigs too, as I use a lot of hande-held. Im just lost, could you give me some advice?? Thanks!!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Jeremiah - Short flights you probably don't need any type of brace or vest. For that weight, I suggest looking into a stabilizer that is around the size of a Glidecam HD2000-HD4000.

  5. I came across the flycam units when i started researching a stabilization system for real estate walkthroughs. My question is this. I shoot with a gripped 7D that has a kirk L bracket for tripod mounting. The whole thing is fairly heavy and I wanted to get your opnion as to whether or not either of these systems would be able to support this camera/grip/mount with my 10-22mm lens. I shoot interior photography with the same camera and really don't want to take it apart if possible. I would go with the arm support for sure but wanted to get your thoughts.

  6. Davey

    is it possible to stabilize the flycam nano DSLR with a canon 600D 18-55, i saw your advise was to buy a normal nano, but in the future i want to buy a mic and LED, so do i need to buy the nano DSLR? but is it still able to balance the 600d without the LED en mic?

  7. Hector

    I am flying the Canon 7d and 16-35 2.8, I think the original nano should hold up, but all this DSLR talk is throwing me off. Em I would appreciate your advice greatly. As of now I am filming people training for boxing/MMA.

  8. Emm

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    @Jepster Togle - I think the basic Nano should be able to handle that setup. Or try the Flycam Nano DSLR.

  9. I'm torn between the Flycam Nano and the Flycam 3000. I have a 60D and I use a Tokina 12-24 lens for my "gliding" shots. Which would you recommend more? 🙂

  10. Emm

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    @Bubu - A small Flycam Nano would do the job. You don't want the stabilizer to be too big for the camera.

  11. Bubu

    I am planning to buy a Canon 600D + 18-55mm IS II for making videos. Do you prefer buying Flycam Nano or Flycam DSLR Nano? And do you think I should buy it with qick release?

    600D: 1,25 pound

  12. YeaBro

    Ok thanks i believe i will go with the Nano dslr, i have a battery grip on it and a rode mic, but i wont fly with the grip on.

  13. Emm

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    @YeaBro - The T3i is a very light camera. If your camera weight is not heavy enough you will have a hard time balancing it with large stabilizers. Unless you plan on adding extra weight (battery grip, lights, microphone), then stay with the smaller stabilizers.

  14. YeaBro

    I am Buying either a flycam nano dslr today or the Flycam 3000, i have a canon t3i ill be flying. ive done a ton a research but it still isnt clear whether the 3000 is better or the nano dslr is better, any advice?

  15. d7000man

    I have the D7000+Nikon 14-24/2.8. Can the Flycam Nano handle this or is it better to get the Flycam Nano DSLR?

    Which Glidecam (1000 or 2000) handle this combination?

    D7000: 780grams (1.7 pounds)
    12-24: 969grams

    Total: 3.84 pounds.

  16. Emm

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    @Spencer - Both those lenses would be hard to fly, you'll need something around a Glidecam HD2000 which is a bigger unit.

  17. Spencer

    I'm so confused on the one I should get. I have a 5d mark 2 with a L series 24 - 70 mm and a 50 mm. Which one do I get? Thanks for the help

  18. Emm

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    @Vibhuti - That i'm not sure of. To me it looks like they took the 3000 and just rebranded it.

  19. show

    Every i look there selling the dslr version, but im having a hard time finding the regular flycam nano... can somebody please post a link?

  20. Emm

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    @SG Brix - I haven't flown it, but have seen it. I'm pretty familiar with stabilizers and knowing what would work and what wouldn't. For DSLR's that wouldn't work out, especially for the price.

  21. SG Brix

    The D3100/18-55 is at less than, they say from 1- 2.25lb. I can see that there might be a balance problem due to the short shaft. Flycams easy adjustable shaft is the way to go.
    Have you actually tested the Balvanz unit?

  22. Emm

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    @SG Brix - The whole thing just wouldn't stand a chance with the weight, so even if the design is interesting, you wouldn't be able to use it at all.

  23. SG Brix

    Thanks Emm, what intrigued me with Balvanz is that it gimbals both way as shown in their video at 3:20. Would that not help with the horizontal shake?

  24. Emm

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    @SG Brix - The Balvanz cannot support anything near the Flycam Nano. Don't do it..

  25. SG Brix

    Anyone compared Flycam Nano Mini Stabilizer or the one from Balvanz MiniDV Stabilizer? I would like to use it on a Nikon D3100.

    Any input before I flip a coin and buy one of them?

  26. ozan

    hey guys,
    Anyone there using flycam 3000 with 5D mk2?
    I need a little bit help. Because i can't balance it.

  27. nexed

    I had the opportunity to have both the official Flycam Nano and the new Flycam DSLR. From what I have seen, the Flycam DSLR is just an improved unit.

    Originally when I had ordered the Flycam nano, it arrived via Fedex, well packaged without any noticeable damage to the box. Also super fast shipping may I say so too.

    I spent countless hours trying to calibrate the unit to support my 60D with my 10-22 mm wide angle lens. After literally spending an entire day cursing at this thing, I decided to contact the seller and see if they had any tips or suggestions. To my surprise they simply offered to ship me a "new and improved unit" from their latest batch. It was a quick decision for me to accept this offer, so I agreed.

    I shipped out the old unit back to the seller and not even 3 days later I had the new stabilizer at my door step.

    First thing I noticed was the improved Y mount (gaps are gone), longer handle and improved bearings. Out of the box,

    In the end, I had my 60d flying in less than 10 minutes. It was literally night and day compared to the original.

  28. Emm

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    @Tyler - You'll find it very hard to fly with a 50mm lens on a T2i. There's a crop factor so you have to add in that focal length and any movement at that range will be exaggerated. A lens is just as important as the stabilizer, and you might find better results with your stock 18-55mm (assuming you still have it). For such a lightweight setup, you could go with the Flycam Nano that I just recently posted with Olivia: httpss://

  29. Tyler

    Hello, thank you so mch for your great website! My brother in law and I have been watching your posts about stabilizers and we are trying to decide which one would be best bang for our buck. We shoot video for weddings with the t2i and 50mm prime.

    D you have a stabilizer that you would recommend that you like the most out of all of them? Flycam nano, u-flycam, Merlin style, so many too choose from! If you could help that would be great!


  30. Emm

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    @rick - I have not tried it, but the handle is close to the Glidecam Design. It's possible to make it work, but would totally defeat the purpose of this mini stabilizer. I only use my vest for the heavy setups or extremely long takes..

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  32. rick

    does your flycam work with your steadicam vest? just wondering if the handle input is the same size on this as the glidecam

  33. Kevin

    So the Small nano can handle a 5DMkII? can it hold heavier lens's besides the 16-35?

  34. Emm

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    @itsjohnny - I don't recommend any stabilizer hand holding for an hour. LOL. These things get heavy. For a 5DM2 + 16-35 go for the small Nano. I'll have a new video up in a few minutes with a Canon 60D + 24-105mm.

  35. itsjohnny

    What flycam do you recommend for a 5DMkII and 16-35 to try to hand hold for an hour?

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