Flycam C5 Carbon Fiber Stabilizer

YouTube member SteveSmithDOP gives us a tour around the new Flycam C5 Carbon Fiber stabilizer [Thanks Steve]. I've only seen a handful of videos from this stabilizer, and they've really seemed to have stepped up their build quality compared to the original Flycam stuff. They've even blacked out all the washers (weights) on the lower sled.

The Flycam C5 is said to support up to a 6 pound camera and comes in cheaper than a Glidecam HD1000 (rated at 3 lbs.). If you're looking to fly more than just a basic camera body and lens, this looks like a solid stabilizer for the money, and can be found via eBay (Click Here).

Flycam Carbon C5 Stabilizer Review Samples Video
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9 thoughts on “Flycam C5 Carbon Fiber Stabilizer

  1. Chano

    emm , i bought this last year , do you know which quick release fits the plate of this C5? thank you!

  2. imgpro615

    ...the Flycam C5 is seriously great bang for buck...kind of a poor man's Steadicam Pilot is light enough to use handheld and with the arm brace for short runs with camera only...and for the longer shots or with a fully kitted camera, it is compatible with the glidecam smooth shooter, x10, well as the merlin/pilot arm and vest [with the berkley adapter]

  3. So if you watched my review I said I would cut something together that I shot with the Flycam C5 so here is the link for you to take a look at what you can do with this Flyer. This is my fist time using it and the weather was terrible so I did not have many options to shoot but it should give you an idea. Shot with the Sony HX-9v


  4. Steve

    Why do you think it looks terrible? Much better than the Glidecam HD-2000. You can't level with a single hand on the Glidecam. You have to loosen one knob which is plastic by the way and then adjust the whole plate. With Flycam you can do it on the fly with one knob. Just turn it one way or the other to fine adjust your balance. I will also be taking my knobs and painting them a nice red to make it look even better. I don't really care for the color they picked. They easily come off.

  5. Steve

    Hey Max, It does mount in on both ends with a thick medal ring the is tightened together with the wrench. When tightened it is so solid you would never be able to get it apart so would never have to worry about it falling out. I don't even tighten mine much and it is in there really well. If it makes you feel safer then put a safety chain around the head and pole. How many times do you think you will be flying upside down anyway to have to worry about the head falling off with your camera? Most of the time I think you will be as level as possible when operating the unit.

    Don't worry about your Tokina lens.

    Good Luck

  6. Hmmm ... I was sold on this until he showed the mounting hardware for the head to column and the bottom to column - one screw for each and it looks like the single screw is tightening a collar ring to grab the carbon fibre column with friction !!!
    The drop time test with a Tokina 11-16 will be nail biting everytime if you consider the possibility of a failure in the head mount to the main column.

    Unless that single screw goes through the column which is unusual for carbon fibre

  7. Jerry

    It is actually interesting, you can now move the gimbal up and down to get your balance! It's easy to get the dynamic balance once you know how it work. After messing around with it for a few week and months, I can balance these thing no problem.

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