Edelkrone PocketShot Folding Transforming Stabilizer

Edelkrone has finally released more information about their PocketShot folding stabilizer. A prototype of this product was on display earlier at NAB2013. The PocketShot can be transformed to work in any number of ways from a mini tripod to a shoulder stock and can mount small accessories such as a light, microphone, or audio recorder.

The new PocketShot retails for $199. The idea is very innovative, and I can certainly see many BlackMagic Pocket Cinema cameras using something like this, but let's hear some other comments. What do you guys think about the new PocketShot?

For more information about the new PocketShot check out Edelkrone.com


14 thoughts on “Edelkrone PocketShot Folding Transforming Stabilizer

  1. Dan

    If it falls apart like the Pocket Rig does, it is a total waste of money. Put your money towards a better made rig.

  2. Hi Andrey, Gregor and Travis,

    We value your feedback regarding our products and services. We wholeheartedly apologise for your experience and feedback regarding edelkrone products. However as a main company policy we are always standing by our products and any issues relating to them. We would be glad to provide assistance and solve any issues relating to our products.

    Please feel free to contact our sales team via [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Best Regards

    edelkrone Team

  3. Andrey

    edelkrone products are not nearly as good as you might think after watching their promo videos. i ve got several items to says so: modula-1, pocket rig and FF. i regret every purchasing every above mentioned product - modula rig is damn heavy and very uncomfortable, pocket rig is just uncomforatalble as well and poor mech quality (screws keeps unscrewing, shoulder pad's slippery etc), ff have no damping at all! hmm..even edelkrone lens gears are cheapest quality and poorest design i ve ever seen!
    i wouldnt recommend Edelkrone products to anyone.

  4. Barry

    Bums me out that they wasted time on this silly product and haven't announced the motion controller for the slider yet.

  5. The big camera on picture is not XF300, but XHA1. Still it is 4 kgs with battery and tape. I have two of them, and I'd never trust "rig" like that to hold them. If yuo look product video carefully, you can see how much shake at the lens it is; guys really try hard not to move. And they say as well: Take off all micro shakes. That's it. Nothing more. XHA1 is fabolous to take those shakes out by itself. This "rig" is for tiny camcorders and even that it is more or less just for the gentle pres at the shoulder. Any "bent pipe" or "rope at the belt, or step onto" will do similar (for $2). Imho.

  6. Travis Wilber

    I got a couple of the first/second version of Edelkrone gear. Both started to rust and have problems after using them a few times over a month or two.

    The slider is awesome. I'm very run and gun so it's great to have something so light and short but still get decent slides. Unfortunately it started to rust after one use and sticks a bit. I've emailed the guys but haven't heard back.

  7. gregor

    Edelkrone rigs are in general way too overpriced and have not the quality it may seen at first. Due to edelkrone relesing a "new" rig or components about every three months they have not the time to do it right. I have a very expensive edelkrone rig from last year that is unusable also due to the very very very bad follow focus which is unfortunately a grip at the same time. I would never buy an edelkrone rig again. In theory they look fine but in practice the are bad.

  8. Paul

    My misgivings are based on that fleeting moment in the video when they show you the tension screw adjustments using a hex key wrench. That seems like an unwieldy thing to manage, and a nuisance in the field. Unless they've invented an amazing "tension memory" system at those joints, I doubt it will keep its tension consistently using those adjustments.

  9. Aron J Anderson

    Kelly I'm so with you. My monopod works super, gives me a very steady shot even using 50mm lens.

  10. Rob S.

    Those cheap China transformer rigs tend not to be that well designed and made of cheap materials. This seems better engineered and is probably leagues ahead in quality. My complaint is the weight capacity. It's only really made for lightweight loads. The XF300 shown in the photo exceeds the listed max 4 pound capacity.

  11. The music is making me want to cry and love pocket shot.
    It looks like a great idea. But I have 2 shelves of every form of stablizer that's come down the pike. Not sure I need to spend another $200. on another piece of gear to put on my shelf of stuff I rarely use..

  12. Zane

    I think it's overpriced, and basically just reinventing all those cheap china transformer rigs. Nothing too special, and way overpriced.

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