Eartec UltraLite Self Contained Wireless Headset Communicators

If you've ever had to communicate with your team over handsets, then you may be interested in Eartec's latest product - the UltraLite. It's a Self-Contained Full Duplex Wireless Headset that requires no body packs or a base station (4 or less users). Simultaneous Talk (Open Line) means everyone is always part of the conversation without having to push any buttons (no PTT).

The microphone swivels 270 degrees, so it can be worn on the left or the right. The headsets are available in one ear or double ear. When working with more than 4 Headsets, you'll need to use the system with the optional Base Station. The Eartec UltraLites use rechargeable batteries that should run approximately 6 hours (2 hours to fully recharge).

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I've used a number of headsets that need to clip PTT mics to your shirt, run cables to a body pack, or in-ear types that hurt after a while. These new UltraLite headsets are very light, fast to setup, and comfortable to wear. A number of small production companies i've worked with should definitely take a look at these systems (you know who you are!). If you work with a team covering an event and need to keep communication going, take a look at the new EarTec UltraLites (found here).