DSLR Video Rig Waist Support Rod / Belt Kit

Varizoom StingrayShape Rig
Varizoom Stingray with Support Rod / Belt and Shape Telescoping Support Arm

There's only a handful of companies that offer DSLR Video Rigs with a Support Rod that helps carry the front heavy load of a Video Rig. Instead of having to add heavier counterweights to the rear of the rig, the rod and belt combination transfers the weight to the hips. You can see how the Waist Support Rod is used in the beginning of the video (below) on the DVTec Rig.

It's not something you want to walk around with, but it will help to stabilizer slow moving or static shots. Internally the rod is spring loaded to reduce harsh bumps, and the top of the rod has a spring to allow a bit of tilt and roll. Varizoom, DVTec, and even Shape offer these waist support kits, but at a premium price. If this is something you've been looking into, there's a company selling a similar kit on eBay now to help you save your back, but it will still run you about $68 bucks (click here).

DSLR Rig Support Rod BeltDSLR Rig Rod Belt Support
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7 thoughts on “DSLR Video Rig Waist Support Rod / Belt Kit

  1. Robert

    How is this different than a monopod in a tool belt pouch? Yes, I realize there's a spring, but that's not hard to reproduce either.

  2. Darius

    This model looks to have the spring loaded section...I just can't tell if this is a good idea or a waste of money. I've been taking the shoulder mount off of my gini rig and attaching the baseplate and handles to a cowboy studio shoulder rig, but this seems a little more flexible for movement, I could keep my counterweight for stability and comfort, and looks like it would avoid the movement from breathing which the cowboy studio mount suffers from. I'm torn whether to get one or not.

  3. alex

    I have this china made one (bought in China actually) and love it. I'm doing a shoot on a cruise ship right now and using a tripod with a vibrating deck is impossible. Using handheld is too shaky and this set up with the waist support has worked great so far. Mine has a spring action, which is really useful. I put a quick release clamp on the bottom (its on the bottom of everything i own) and that makes on and off really easy.

  4. Ed

    I have the varizoom version- and the spring action makes a huge difference. The china/ebay version doesn't state whether it's spring loaded. If if isn't- every step will show up as a bump in your footage. The spring action smooths out your steps- without it it's def not worth $70 (imo)

  5. I bought a support rod (pod) a year ago and do use it from time to time, though my spring rod has lever clamps which are better than the circular clamps on this one as you will want to adjust the rod with one hand frequently while shooting. The fitting is very nice, but I would rather have the levers on the spring rod.


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