DSLR Shoulder RIG – DIY Base Deal

Basic Sumo Rig

Ok, it's not all DIY, but the company 'Shape' is slashing their base Shoulder Support used for their 'Sumo' configuration. The basic Sumo configuration (above) which is a shoulder support, counter weight, and handles will run you $459. The simple dimple shoulder 'base' (below) itself normally runs you $199.

Shape Shoulder Rig Support Grip

Right now (limited time), Shape has slashed the price of this base foundation in an eBay auction to 'a third' or it's normal price. Hey even on my best day at Home Depot, I don't think I can make something as pretty for that price. Next jump on over to the B&H website where you can grab that pretty little padded 4lb. counterweight for just $69 bucks, and you're good with a very professional looking solid foundation to DIY on. All you're missing is a set of handles, which shouldn't be too hard to craft up.

Shape 4lb. Padded Counterweight for Sumo

Here's the link to the base shoulder rig auction: Shape Shoulder Rig Support Grip
Here's the link to the counter weight: Shape Padded Counterweight

9 thoughts on “DSLR Shoulder RIG – DIY Base Deal

  1. Steve

    I picked one up last night. I'll eventually snag a counter weight, but I was wondering if there is a DIY way to make the handles that would fit properly on this rig. BTW, accessories for this rig are cheaper from B&H by about $10 each.

  2. Mike

    The shoulder rig and the counterweight come out to about $220 if you're in California. That's including the $80 shipping. Actually, $220 doesn't seem so bad if you can supply your own handles.

  3. THIS is some of the best news i have heard...though EVERYTHING i have read after stumbling upon this site is great!! but this right here...this right HERE, cheesy... you're making it possible for the 'have nots' like myself, gain ground in an expensive war!

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