DSLR Meet Up – San Francisco

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If you're not too busy with World Cup stuff, there's a huge DSLR meetup this weekend in San Francisco over at the Marina District. Ok, i'm lying. There isn't such an event, but I guarantee there will be a huge crowd of DSLR's roaming around the SF Crawfish Boil festival. I just thought i'd share one of my favorite festivals coming this weekend and let everyone know that myself and a few other DSLR enthusiasts will be running around the area. We got in contact with one of the guys who runs the Festival and setup a time to do some interviewing and then we'll be running around picking up some b-roll. This is the 7th Annual event which includes "All you can eat Crawfish" & First hour, Beer on the house! So technically it's not a DSLR meetup, but my friends and I sure can turn it into one! See ya there if you can make it, More information following this link.

2 thoughts on “DSLR Meet Up – San Francisco

  1. ben

    THANK YOU! i love crawfish i had no idea this was going on. i'm up in davis, gonna try and come down for it! btw, great blog

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