Dracast new LED 1500 3000 5000 Fresnel Series – Cinegear Expo 2016

Product Description:
The newest addition to the Dracast Fresnel Series Lights are the biggest, most powerful Dracast lights to date, delivering tremendous output with incredible color rendition.

Super responsive LCD touch screen to adjust dimming and color temperature manually
Color Balance Options: Daylight (5600K), Tungsten (3200K), and Bi-Color (3200K - 5600K)
​15-60 Degree Adjustable Beam Angle
Yoke with 5/8" Receiver
0-100% Dimming
On-board dimming knob
CRI: 95
Includes 4 - way Barndoors

Optional features depending on the model:
-WIFI control compatible or On board DMX controls

Beam Angle: 15 degrees - 60 Adjustable Beam Angle
Handling: Double-Side Clutch Plate Tilt Adjustment Handle
Mounting: 5/8"" Baby Pin Aluminum Mounting Yoke
Tilt Angle: 90 degrees
Power Connection: 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2.0A
Heat Management: Passive Heat Sink Cooling System
On Board Fan: Yes
Battery Powered: No
Color Balance Options: Daylight (5600K), Tungsten (3200K), and Bi-Color (3200K - 5600K)
Color Rendition: 95
Dimming: 0-100% Continuous
Controls: Local On-Board Manual Controls
Housing Color: Blue / Black
Housing Build: Aluminum Alloy
Est LED Lifetime: 50,000 hours

For more information about Dracast New LED Fresnel Series visit Dracast website (link)

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12 thoughts on “Dracast new LED 1500 3000 5000 Fresnel Series – Cinegear Expo 2016

  1. Michael Sousa

    500W is not the equivalent, it's the power draw of the LED fixture. Light is measured in light output (lux, or footcandles), not watts (that's power). Upon reviewing their LED fixtures from PRE-2016, I found the photometrics showed the following:
    1) the LED500-D has an output of 434 LUX at 3.7m in FLOOD position (60 degrees) (this unit draws 50W of power)
    2) an ARRI 650W has an output of 1041 LUX at 3.4m in FLOOD position (52 degrees) (this unit draws 650W of power)

    If you divide the lux / watt ratios of both units, you'll find that the LED is about 5x more efficient than the TUNGSTEN unit at the 3.5m, flood position. They are advertising a factor of 7x on their 2016 units, so I would be interested to see what the specs for the new fresnels will be, and to see if the photometrics will support their 7x claim.

    The 5000 is said to output the equivalent of 3500W Traditional Light. (That's like having an 800W HMI, that runs without a fan, without a separate ballast, for the price of $2295 USD instead of $8K for a 800W Joker Bug). I'll keep an eye on these as that is a fairly enticing prospect.

  2. OldCorpse

    @Andrew - I checked your link. It's hopeless. First of all, if you click on the "Details", it takes you on a loop with zero information (keeps defaulting back tot the same page). Second, "Up to" is a useless measure, as is Watt equivalent. The "W equivalent" is the most fudged and imprecise measure used by LED light manufacturers. Any reputable one will give you lux at a distance and angle - that's the only thing that counts - if they can't give that, they are hiding something. Elsewhere they say that specifications will appear later - let's wait for that, because for now, I don't even understand why they are marketing them without this the single most basic information as it pertains to any light.

  3. OldCorpse

    @Rabby, I hear you about the Alzos, but they also have silent versions, so it's not true that all of their lights are loud. I don't have any Alzo lights, but I'm in the market for LED fresnels, and with the Aputures it's getting warm. I think we are on the brink of having many options - though the Dracasts featured here are a big FAIL as far as I'm concerned; of course that's just my opinion, so YMMV.

  4. Rabby

    Not a big fan of Darcast or Alzo. I have both. Darcast LED light Panels seem always off especially the ones I got.

    Alzo is good bright light only if you are shooting stills not good for shooting docs or interviews it is way too loud and stopped working after 8 months.

    I am using Aputure LS Strom and so far like it, output, color, quality, and the price.

  5. OldCorpse

    Well, if it's 500W equivalent for their brightest light, that's extremely expensive for not much at all. I call that FAIL. Not worth it at all. Next!

    I mean, there are new Aputures LED fresnels coming out very soon that will be vastly cheaper (right now they're tungsten but will be daylight fresnels as well), and even some Alzos which are bright and also a fraction of the cost. I honestly cannot see where the Dracast fits in here, maybe someone who wants the Wi-fi feature?

  6. John

    Output seems to be very disappointing. I chatted with their online rep. Still can't be right? lol

    Me: Hi
    Ivant: Hello
    Me: Would like to know more about your new fresnel leds
    Ivant: Sure
    Me: The new fresnel 1500, what is the output equivalent to a traditional fresnel?
    Ivant: 150Watts
    thats how much it outputs
    Me: How about the Fresnel 5000?
    Ivant: 500Watts yes
    Me: do you have anything that's equivalent to a 1K?
    Ivant: Our biggest Fresnel is the LED5000, Obviously an LED Fresnel can't be compared to a Hot light Fresnel but there are advantages from using LED Fresnels
    which i know you may be aware of already
    Me: For $2295 seems very expensive for 500watts
    if it can't even match the Arri 650 fresnel
    Ivant: I personally haven't used an Arri 650, but i've heard some of my co-workers compare the our LED Fresnel 1000 to that Fresnel you speak of.
    So i'm assuming that our LED 5000 should be even better.
    Me: The Arri 650 is only $450
    Ivant: There are two models for our new fresnels. Ones with WIFI capability and ones that have the traditional DMX
    the WIFI ones are more expensive for sure
    Me: Great features but very low output for the price
    Ivant: But the DMX ones are around 700-1000
    In some cases like yours going with an Arri 650 maybe the best lighting solution for you. In other cases our LED's may fit other lighting solutions you know.
    But i'll research more about how our LED's stack up with the Arri 650 so i can give you more information in the future.
    Me: Fiilex Q500 is equivalent to a 750watt with DMX and more features. About $100 less than the Dracast 5000
    Ivant: We are still doing the specs and such, so all that info should be up on our website as soon as we complete those test.
    Me: thanks
    Ivant: No problem. Have a good day

  7. OldCorpse

    Seriously, is this a joke? They want you to buy the lights and on their website say "tremendous output" and nowhere is it specified just what the output is?? Wow. I mean, if you're selling a light fixture, the least you can do is tell us about the light. Unbelievable.

  8. Andrew

    "LED 1500 3000 5000"
    Does the number represents a halogen equivalent wattage?
    There is no word about output, nowhere/

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