DIY Wireless Video Remote for Canon 5D Mark II $16.00

This is part 1 of an idea i'm going to try and work on. Not sure it there will ever be a Part 2 to this! Basically the problem I want to provide a DIY solution for is a remote to start and stop video from the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, 550D / T2i. Yes, there is the RC-1 for the 5D Mark II, but that works through infrared, line of sight, and only best in front of the camera. I need a remote that can start and stop video if my camera were on a Jib / Crane / Steadicam / Shoulder Rig, etc.

Here's two of the current solutions people are using today:

Video above From Lucasberg

Video above From Abel Cine Tech

While both videos show a method of routing an infrared signal from front to back, it's not going to suffice in many situations that I plan on using my camera for. So check out my video (very top) on Part 1 of what I'm planning on doing. I'm using this $8.00 wireless 1CH remote and also got this used RC-1 from eBay for just $8.00 dollars. Let's see if you hear back from me on a successful DIY Wireless Remote for the Canon 5D Mark II or if it's an epic failure.... Stay tuned.

1. Parts i'm using is this 1 CH Momentary Wireless Remote / Receiver from eBay for about $8.00 dollars
2. I'm going to use a Relay to trigger continuity (bypassing the switch) on the Canon RC-1 infrared for the Canon 5D Mark II (click Here).

I'd love some feedback, and even better, some help on this idea. Drop me a comment below. If i'm wasting my time here, and something already exists, holla back!!!

Update Update Update: Here's Part #2
Where I get a bit further in progress...Looks good so far....

4 thoughts on “DIY Wireless Video Remote for Canon 5D Mark II $16.00

  1. SOLVED IT, EMM! I didn't realize the switch had to be in the 2-second delay mode! It works! I'm using it with a radio remote extender (TERK LF-IRX)I bought at Radio Shack. The radio remote receiver (which you point the Canon RC- 1 at) has to be plugged into AC as does the radio receiver. It comes with an infrared extender cord which can be pasted right onto the IR receiver on the front of the 5DII. About $50. Pass the word!

  2. Emm, I have a couple of RC-1 remotes with fresh batteries. When the camera is set to live view, the remote does nothing. When I set the "drive" setting to remote/self-timer, the remote DOES work, tripping the SHUTTER, not starting the video recording. What am I doing wrong?

  3. hey, I need help.. 🙁
    Im looking for the same Wireless remote on ebay , but i cant find it. All of them seems to work with 12V dc and no with 9V DC ..i need to install a battery like you.

    Anyone knows where i can find this remote wireless on ebay??? Thnaks..:(

  4. great idea, love part 1 and part two but its a bit like spending an hour and 50 mins in the cinema and then the fim stopping!!! 🙁 arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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