DIY Transforming Compact DSLR Rig

YouTube member mowaska has a new take on a DIY DSLR rig that transforms from a compact travel item into a full Shoulder Rig complete with Counterweight and handles. Completely tool-less, it uses a series of clamp knows to unfold, and even has a way to mount a Manfrotto quick release plate (without adapter). Pretty cool, and some company out there needs to run with this idea..

21 thoughts on “DIY Transforming Compact DSLR Rig

  1. mowaska

    Hi guys! Nice to see that my project has set off some conversation.

    Q: How is he snap zooming?

    A: I used this device:
    (just kidding. with the tip of my finger)

    #4 Mayday
    Q: Does no one else find it strange that he is clearly not speaking english, but posted his clip with an english title and places english text throughout.

    A: Yes, it's a trap! I wanted people to see my rig so I put the title in english. I could had also spoke english, but then I'd had to make lines, cause my english isn't that good. And I like to improvise. But don't panic. I talk so much shit that the whole monologue can be summarized in couple short comments.

    #8 Ryan Farnes
    Q: But lets be honest….he filmed this sitting on a closed toilet didn’t he?

    A: Sorry about that.

    #11 brandhouse
    Q: I really want to know where did he get the platesfor the foldout arms.

    A: Like Emm said, they are all custom made from metal junk.

    #12 Kumitarzan
    Q: Too bad that he didn’t give much info about the rig, even I understood the language

    A: What do you want to know? I can tell you all the dirty secrets.

  2. Kalle P.

    That guy is one of the most active indie cinematographers/directors/actors in Finland. For example he has made a feature film "Mitä meistä tuli" (What became of us) with only a HV20.

    The rig is made of junk aluminum found from near metal workshop and he customized them himself. Or so he says.

    Seems he's a good camera operator too. Great fast zooming with only one finger on the zoom ring and the other on the focus.

  3. Jarrett

    One other thing. I would like to be able to use whatever handles are on the rig when it is attached to a good tripod.

  4. Jarrett

    This brings up an important question that you guys may be able to help me with. I am helping a friend with a kickstarter project. He wants to make an adaptation of an HP Lovecraft short story. He knows I have a 7d and several older lenses that I use with converters. He also knows I have a glidecam 4000, the newest one, not sure if that means its an HD or a Pro. I have never used the glidecam.

    I need a rig that can accomodate a dependable follow focus. It also needs to be maneuverable and light enough that carrying it around isnt a total chore. I want to sell or trade the glidecam. He wants me to keep it, use the 24$ shoulder support to film the kickstarter trailer, and build the money for the rig into the project.

    That being said, what would you suggest as a smaller rig that will allow a follow focus, and possibly a h1 and an external monitor? One of the small cheap monitors will be good enough. I would appreciate any suggestions. I'd like to dump the glidecam for something with a follow focus, because I can see more practical uses for the shoulder rig than for a glidecam at the moment, for making a short film.

  5. Kumitarzan

    Too bad that he didn't give much info about the rig, even I understood the language. Anyway, nice, interesting rig but not so good video (sorry, I didn't find it anyway funny).

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan Farnes - I thought the same thing. I don't understand the language, but right at the very very end, it looked like he just gave up...

  7. zone

    He was speaking Finnish. Only details he mentioned was that it was made out of sand blasted aluminum and that it can be used as a smaller rig like he showed at the end. He didn't mention anything about how he made it.

    Greetings from Finland.

  8. Mayday

    First off the rig is outstanding. Wish I could get my hands on it. Does no one else find it strange that he is clearly not speaking english, but posted his clip with an english title and places english text throughout. He left no details or part list. Seems like he just wants to show off. Especially since in his other posted clips he leaves a lot of details...some in english no less.

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