DIY SpiderTrax Rotating Dolly

Vimeo member Switch Flick uses pieces from a Flycam Nano to make a DIY Spidertrax Rotating Dolly. Axles are a bit long on this first version, but it looks pretty legit with attention to details down to the bolts (much like I used in my setup). Of course, this is all assuming you've already dished out a bit of change for the Nano.

If you're not familiar with the Flycam Nano, another video was recently shot using a Canon 5D Mark II + 17-40mm F/4L + Rode Video Mic. That's quite a bit of weight, but Vimeo member Spencer Turley managed to pull off some great footage while doing some charitable work out in Tuvalu. Found here:

find-price-button Flycam Nano Video Camera Stabilizer

If you're not familiar with Rotating Dollies, you can see how the Konova Dolly (cloned after my own design) was used in this video:

find-price-button Rotating Video Camera Skater Dolly

7 thoughts on “DIY SpiderTrax Rotating Dolly

  1. Guys this is great, just forget about the framing, he is talking about what he made not the shots.

    On other topic, i purchased a spider dolly from konova and 3 weeks latter i am still waiting for it. Come on Konova, please be honest to all of us

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Halldor - I think anything you find will be either big or expensive. There's some great DIY's out there, but again because of the size of the Zoom H1, it will be of decent size.

  3. Halldor

    Hi Emm, this is off topic, but do you know of a shock mount that fits the Zoom H1? Without it being ridicolously big or expensive? 🙂

  4. HD-tography

    Emm... Dude! Still waiting on more of YOUR SpiderTrax Dollys to be released at

    Any word when they will have more in? Are you directly connected to this company and in the production "loop"?

    We're here in Canada but if you still refuse to ship to us, we could purchase from you and ship to our US connections/alternate address, and then have them ship it to us... would that be ok?

    Just want the real deal bro!

  5. Allen H.

    WOW! thanks for this post. I have a flycam nano and was planning on getting a slider but didnt because i didnt think i'd use it too much. But with $40 worth of parts..i'm going to try it out. THANKS AGAIN!

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