DIY Padded Camera Roller Bag – Adjustable Dividers

Petapixel posted up an article about a cheap way to create a Rolling Camera Bag through a padded insert and it's something I use for one of my cases. You can find a variety of padded inserts that you can 'modify' to fit into standard rolling luggage cases found at your outlet centers. In the USA we have places like Ross and Marshalls that sell rolling bags at discount prices. One of the cheaper padded dividers mentioned is the Calumet padded divider showing up for about $40 dollars via Calumet (click here).

Calumet Insert DividersCalumet Roller Bag Insert
find-price-button Calumet Padded Roller Insert Dividers

Other slightly more expensive adjustable padded dividers that come with a top padded cover can be found from Pelican and Nanuk. You can find more of those padded dividers via eBay following the link below (click here).

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22 thoughts on “DIY Padded Camera Roller Bag – Adjustable Dividers

  1. Gabriel Dominise

    ... Fastforward... 28 Dec 2015, inspired by this discussion, I decided to make some DIY for a camera roller bag that meets the airline requirements on carry-on bags. Yesterday I was able to find a match.

    The roller bag is a Hedgren Madagascar small and the inser is the Pacsafe camera insert for Duffelsafe 100. I've got the roller from TKMaxx for £39 and the insert from Amazon for £50.

    Assembled in London... what a beauty!

  2. MK

    Couldn't get one of these while Calumet was still in business. Anyone know what would be a good alternative? Might be a good time for the folks at P&C to offer one for the masses that follow cheesycam!

  3. James Marsh

    anyone know of any other brand insert dividers for roller bags? i only ask cause calumet is out fo stock for 12+ months they said... 🙁

  4. Got my Calumet insert today. It's very nice, has lots more room than my current bag and fits perfectly in a carry-on I already had.

    Only downside so far is that my T4i with a battery grip is too tall.

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  6. This is awesome! Does anyone have a link to the exact insert he used in the video? I really really really want that one but can't find it!

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  7. So, it's not DIY (or exactly cheap). But, The delsey Pro roller 52 is an exellent, discontinued camera case that used to go for ~$300 back in the film days. There are 2 on amazon and 4 9early june 2012) at Roberts imaging right now for around $180. They aren't as nice as a thinktank Airport International. However, if you're a young pro & you need a "get by & not look like a cheap asshole" bag they're pretty awesome. I know a working photographer who flys with it on the regular, and uses it for his camera kit for every shoot. He's had it for at least 8 years & it still looks less than a year old. I just got one for My 5ds & while it's not tall enough to stand my speedlites up in. :'( It's still an awesome bag for $100 less than an x200 and $200 less than an AI. Keep shooting

  8. Very cool DIY tutorial! If anyone's looking for a good backpack version...

    I'd recommend the LowePro 450 AW. I recently got one from Adorama's eBay store. Seems to be the cheapest place to find a new one.
    Adorama eBay: $145
    Adorama website: $230
    LowePro site: $300

    It's a very large, sturdy pack...and the dividers are awesome for organizing a ton of gear (two cameras, 6 or 7 lenses, some flashes). Not the type of bag you'd want to wear ON a shoot, but great for keeping your gear organized and safe going back and forth.

    For anyone interested, here's that eBay link:

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @curious - The one i'm using is LowePro, but I don't know if it's available any more.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Joel - LOL. I had to pass by Ross to grab a Samsonite travel bag for NAB2012 a few weeks ago. They got some deals.

  11. kevin

    In the video it looks like your dividers had a handle and a top cover for the dividers, is that included in the Calumet dividers?

  12. Joel

    @ Emm ~ Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx are my wife's "go to" stores here in the Southwest ... I really think u must be the guru of discount shopping... Lol

  13. curious

    What's the make & model of the bag insert in the video? It looks far better than the things I've been able to find online.

    FYI, the Calumet inset linked to by PetaPixel is no longer available.

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