DIY Motor Driven Time Lapse Slider

YouTube member John Waskey writes in and shares his secret to a budget Motion controlled Timelapse slider. As an Astronomy fan, he uses a Telescope Motor mounted to a Kessler Dolly. Probably one of the best variable speed motors i've seen that can run you just under $40 bucks, specs on it state it can last up to 40 hours on a single 9 volt battery. What's the top speed? I'm not sure, but it can move slow enough to produce great time lapse footage, and it's already boxed up ready to mount. You can find these motors available below. [Thanks John]

via Amazon:
Screen shot 2011-02-28 at 9.23.58 AM
find-price-button Telescope Motor Drive

via eBay:
Telescop Motor Time Lapse
find-price-button Variable Speed Telescope Motor for DIY Motion Time Lapse Slider

21 thoughts on “DIY Motor Driven Time Lapse Slider

  1. Preben

    I bought this a couple of months ago. On full speedvit made only 30cm on several hours. To slow for my part. It may be some adjustments if you are good at motor-fixin-tricking. However.....I`m not. So i`ll be looking for other options.

  2. Titus

    I want to buy on motor for a DIY slider i made 4' in length. how long will it take to the motor to pull the camera over the whole distance on minimum and maximum speed?
    thank you

  3. Johnny

    I just got a used one but I can't figure out how to change the battery do u have the PDF of the manual or do u know where I can download one? Thanks a lot for any help

  4. davey

    It donned on me but if your electrically inclined you can take apart and old HP printer. The large print heads are on a rail with a variable speed motor, use a potientiometer to adjust speed. Mount a nut from underneath the cradle and you'd be set putting that apparatus on a small frame.

  5. Al

    Has anyone mounted this on an Igus without adding all the complexity of a belt etc.? For example, just mounting it at the end of the slider and using fishing wire connected to the carriage?

  6. What parts are included? Could this be used with a spider-dolly on a track? The pictures and info from amazon aren't helpful.

  7. JJ

    @Emm Me and friends will try something out. We're heading over to Chater and DTC out in your neck of the woods on Wednesday so I'll ask them what they think we can do.

  8. Chris Wilmshurst

    Would you be able to make one for the Konova slider and do a step by step guide. Would be very appreciated if you did.

  9. it seems like you're going to have to put the axle of that motor somewhere on the konova slider, and attach a string from the axle to the base plate.

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