DIY HDMI Pincher Gini Cage

Here's a simple DIY way to add an HDMI Cable Pinch to one of those Gini Panasonic GH2 Video Cages [Thanks Asa]. You could use this same technique on any of the other cages offered by Gini, and I just noticed that Gini is also offering a specific cage for the Canon 5D Mark III if you need all of those mounting points. Check out the Gini gear on eBay (Click Here).

Gini 5D CageGini Rig 5D Mark IIIGini Rigs Canon 5D Mark III
find-price-button Gini Rigs Canon 5D Mark III Video Cage

3 thoughts on “DIY HDMI Pincher Gini Cage

  1. Cfreak

    avoid buying from Gini at all costs. He doesn't give a damn about selling off his mistakes as real products, then you are screwed!

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