DIY Friction Follow Focus


Once Eric received his Gini Rig, he went straight to work on designing a custom DIY Follow focus. Made from milled plumbing parts on his metal lathe, here's the build set and final product. Damn this looks better designed than some of the other Follow Focuses on the market. Check out Eric's Flickr page for more information, he's even included a few videos to see how it all comes together. Comments to Eric can be left at this article. Thanks Eric, so when do we see this for sale? LOL.


8 thoughts on “DIY Friction Follow Focus

  1. Tjums

    This FF looks very great. What material did you use. I'd like to se a video about making it.

  2. I imagine it could be made again in MUCH less time. I was basically designing as I went.

    Also, you should add tags, Nikon D3100...I don't use a T2i. 🙂

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