DIY Follow Focus for Fig Rig Stabilizer

Though it won't keep your camera's horizon completely level as if you're flying (like a Steadicam), Fig Rigs make great hand held stabilizers allowing you to move the camera around and change positions very quickly while getting rid of those unusual micro-vibrations. One problem that you'll run into is that you won't have an easy way to pull focus.

Here's an interesting solution Vimeo member Bruno Chansou has come up with using a window seal as his DIY Follow Focus belt. I'm sure this idea can be translated to many of the other hand held tools out there. [Thanks Bruno].

In the video Bruno looks to be using the Manfrotto style Fig Rig which is a complete circle and makes it odd to place the camera down. I find the the Halo Rig is a good design which incorporates all the benefits of a Fig Rig, but uses a flat base for resting the camera, or mounting to Tripod Heads. You can find these Halo Fig Rigs via eBay (Click Here).

Halo Fig Rig Stabilizer
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