DIY Color Change for RJ Follow Focus

Some people don't like wearing Nike jumpsuits with Adidas running shoes. That's called cross branding. If you're not fond of the colors in the RJ Follow Focus, Vimeo member HD-tography shows how he addressed the 'Cross colors' issue. There's some additional information following the link to the video.

2 thoughts on “DIY Color Change for RJ Follow Focus

  1. MattC

    I'm sure he is capable of putting the rig on his shoulder and turning the nob. When you have clients or production companies watching your creative process it helps to look professional. Otherwise, you should want the gear you pay way too much for to be sexy as hell.

  2. HD-tography

    Hey COOL I Made Cheesycam Again 😉

    All aesthetics aside, the RJ Follow Focus is a great budget option, just too bad it was BLUE!

    I've noticed a trend recently with DSLR gear, especially the stuff from China/India that doesn't cost a fortune, increasingly being manufactured in BLUE, which is a big problem for the color scheme of our production company logo/business, and also all our black/red gear... so this was a good solution to address that.

    Just a tip, if going with the

    "Anodized" Metal Cast Paint from Dupli-Color available in a variety of colors:

    get the lightest shade of self etching primer available, or alternatively sand the hell out of the aluminum to get ALL the paint/anodized coating off the pieces that you want to change color, skip the primer (already having an etched surface from intense sanding) or better yet use the

    Dupli-Color CP199 Clear Adhesion Promoter Primer

    as the paint works best on a chrome or a bare aluminum because of the reflective surface, the "Anodized" Metal Cast Paint is somewhat translucent.

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