DIY – Camera Stabilizer & Motorized IGUS Slider

Vimeo member ek2008 really took his time making this DIY video camera stabilizer. Not only looks good, but works great as seen in the video above. Look through some of the older videos and you'll see it's been a work in progress for several months.

Vimeo member Tim Nitsch uses a simple servo, spool, and a bit of string to motorize an IGUS slider. More information on how it's all put together at the video link.

4 thoughts on “DIY – Camera Stabilizer & Motorized IGUS Slider

  1. SkunkWorks

    @ Greg

    Hey, thanks for the info and your link. Yeah I'm just in the proof of concept stage right now trying out all kinds of motors I can get on the cheap at my local Princess Auto here in Canada which is sort of like Harbor Freight... they have lots of cool stuff in their surplus section.

    My goal is to find all the parts I want here locally so I can test them and not be stuck with anything that isn't working for me. I found another place here for timing belts and pulleys. The cool thing about that is I can buy a hundred bucks worth of motors at $3 to $20 each and find what works best for me and then return what I don't want (Princess Auto's return policy is legendary here).

    Today I'm trying out a few gear motors to test their speeds. I really like the torque some of the full speed motors I bought have but they're way too fast for rpm... I'd either have to gear them or buy a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) speed controller to slow them down without losing the torque. I can source a PWM controller out of China for about 16 bucks and some of them have reversible direction too. Or I can go with one or two of the gear motors I picked up, which are already slowed in rpm and have great torque (one of them is a car window motor), and just stick with the constant speed... maybe keep one slow one and one faster one on hand.

    I'm not going to do time lapse, I just want nice smooth constant speed slides. Right now I'm testing my proof of concept with a string and spool type pulley but I'll eventually use a timing belt and pulley and have it loop over and under the rail (pulley is vertical). I know there are probably better servo type controllers and motors for doing this but, again, the parts I'm using are local and dirt cheap and I can easily return them 😉

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll favorite your video!

  2. Greg

    @ SkunkWorks

    I submitted my motorized igus slider to this blog, but not sure why it didn't get published. I added a motor and controller to my igus slider and it will do move stop move timelapse, as well as video slides. There is a full parts list you can see it here:

  3. SkunkWorks

    Emm, funny timing again for your post. Just yesterday I picked up my Ryobi drill for the 12v batteries and grabbed a handful of 12v and 24v DC motors on the cheap from the surplus section of Princess Auto here in Canada.

    Like I mentioned in your drill batteries post, I've also been planning to motorize my Igus slider. Today, I was even going to use the string and pulley method shown in the video to test out what will be the best motor (torque and speed) before going to a more permanent belt method... so I had to smile when I loaded up your site and saw this today 😉

    That big motor (pic below) with the big round disc is the heaviest of the bunch, but man it would be so easy to mount straight into the hole in the bottom base of the slider where you see the Slik mini tripod currently mounted 😉

    Here's a couple pics of my parts. Will let you know how it turns out...

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