DIY A/B Hard Stops for Follow Focus


Here's a genius little way to add hard stops to a follow focus. While working on his AMC Contest Video (seen here), Chris Weiss decided to remove the white marking disc from a Gini Follow Focus (as seen here) and added a couple of cheap binder clips. As you can see, it's fully adjustable hard stops so you don't over/under pull. Great tip. [Thanks Chris]


12 thoughts on “DIY A/B Hard Stops for Follow Focus

  1. Steven

    Does anybody know what size the clips are?

    Also, I noticed that he was using a follow focus on a pico flex dolly.

    I wonder how difficult it is to do that?

    I'd think you'd wanna use a wireless follow focus for pico dolly shots.

  2. KC Gonzalez

    God, I love Cheesycam. I was considering the new fotga because of the hardstops, but why dish out $160 when I can add hardstops to my gini for $1.

    Thanks Chris for being brilliant enough to come up with this, and thanks Emm for sharing.

  3. Brad

    Nice! I've totally been doing this for awhile, works good for my nikkor g lenses. I usually have a handfull of those little clips attached to one of my little filter bags at all time.

  4. Wow, This is Freaky! I went to bed thinking about ways to come up with my own Hard Stops for my RJ Follow Focus after seeing your post on the new Fotga DP500II... I spend a while searching for the parts seeing if I could buy them, then I thought I would DIY... Now this... So Cool! 🙂 Emm I LOVE YOUR SITE! IT ROCKS!

  5. Dollar Bob

    If this were a movie from the '80s, someone would have to say "It's so crazy, it just might work."

  6. Steven

    Cool idea if you don't have an assistant to pull focus for you. I'll try it out sometime and see if it's worth dealing with as a full-time solution.

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