DIY 3D Rig – Or HDR Video?

Vimeo member Jesse Blanchard seems to have an obsession with 3D, and is doing a good job capturing it. If you're interested in getting into Stereoscopic imagery, he seems to have a good set of knowledge behind the tech. What i'm more interested in is looking at his 3D beam splitter rig that captures pretty much the same image simultaneously. Very cool stuff indeed. Makes you wonder if that could be a small step to capturing two different video exposures for later converting into some minor HDR (high dynamic range) footage or at least being able to keep the extreme highlights and shadows from clipping. Might be a fun test on two very small point and shoot cameras..

2 thoughts on “DIY 3D Rig – Or HDR Video?

  1. Spuds

    You could do it. But there are a few things to remember. You need to use identical cameras and lenses... but also you must insure that both cameras and lenses are set up the same way... if you have a F-stop set at 2.8 on one camera and 1.7 on another your depth of field will be out of whack and that will end up looking like one of the cameras is slightly out of focus. You also need to use the same shutter speed or if there is movement you will have a differing amount of blur.

    In fact even monkeying around with the ISO could result in enough of a image difference that the final sync would be off. You will be forced to use neutral density filters as the only good option.

  2. 3pointedit

    Have seen the HDR trick on a couple red1s. I would think the big issues with dslrs and p&s cams, are sync and skew.

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