DIY 3D Printed Filter Clamp for Cinema Prime Lenses WonderPana Filter Holder

As you know most high end Cinema Prime lenses don't offer threads for screw on filters. Whether it be a BlackMagic Design Production 4K, URSA, URSA MINI, or even a RED, one thing about working with with cameras that lacks built in ND filters, is that you may have to work with drop in filters and heavy matteboxes. So we decided to come up with a cheap DIY 3D printed lens clamp of our own to hold filters in place.

Since we're working with the XEEN Cinema Primes that have a 114mm diameter we needed a filter that was oversized, so that it wouldn't obstruct a view on wide angle lenses. We found the most inexpensive and large filters were 145mm from the FotoDiox Wonderpana System. They also offer many different stops of ND and CPL Polarizers for more options to control your image.

fotodiox wonderpana cpl polarizer polarizing filterfotodiox wonderpana 145mm filter

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The 114mm is a common size shared by Canon CN-E Cinema Lenses and even Zeiss CP.2 Cinema Lenses (and many others), so this little adapter will work on those lenses as well. The design can also be modified to clamp other filters to Ultra Wide or Fisheye lenses that can't accept front threaded filters. (I need to make one for my Rokinon Fisheye). If you're wondering how it actually clamps, there's a small 2" slit right that separates the clamp are from the filter holder. This allows the clamp to compress a few millimeters - enough to clamp very tightly.

Anyhow it's an idea I wanted to share as I'm sure there are many instances in which this lightweight filter clamp holder could be very advantageous. Here's some additional photos of our 3D Printed Filter Clamp Holder.

3d printed nd filter cinema prime lenscheesycam diy 3d print filter holder cinema prime lensescheesycam diy 3d print filter holder wonderpana cinema prime lens
cheesycam diy 3d print filter holder wonderpana fotodioxcheesycam diy 3d print filter holder wonderpana

For normal lenses with filter threads, I suggest using these simple Swing Away ND Filter Holders.

Swing Away Lens Filter Holder for ND Filters CPL

11 thoughts on “DIY 3D Printed Filter Clamp for Cinema Prime Lenses WonderPana Filter Holder

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Dan K - 3D Printing threads are not very accurate so instead the filter is just set into the filter holder and held very very snug by printing almost to exact tolerance. Once the filter is in, it takes a bit of work to push it back out. If you're just looking for something for the 7-14mm, the FotoDiox Wonderpana Kit (found here) is already made for that lens (though it costs more money).

  2. Dan K

    Great project. Never thought of 3D printing. Stuck in machined-aluminum-world.

    I drew a design like this to adapt an ND filter to the Panasonic 7-14mm for my GH4.

    I can see how the adapter clamps to the lens, but how does the filter attach to the adapter? Do you print threads into the adapter? Glue a purchased aluminum threaded ring to the adapter? Does the 145mm filter clamp in?

    Eventually, for my 7-14mm, using ideas from I installed the Panasonic rear filter holder frame that was designed for a different lens and bought some very fragile and expensive gelatin ND filters that I cut to insert into the holder behind the rear element. Works well, but I need to use tweezers to install and remove, and the gel filters are so easy to damage and drop.

    Here's a 3D printed holder for the 7-14mm that uses standard square filters.


  3. Emm

    Post author

    @mujahed waisi - I went with the 145mm mainly because each filter is much cheaper than the 114mm filters out there, but it's possible to make for 114mm.

  4. mujahed waisi

    Tiffen filters has 4.5" (114mm) filters

    so can you made ring for it?
    i'm interested.. will buy more than one

  5. Bedi ji

    Would love to have one of these. Both for 114mm & 95mm lenses.

    Let us know if you plan to make some more to sell.

  6. T2

    Nice...ingenuity strikes again. Unrelated question. Is that smaller rig on your right hand side a custom rig, or is it available as a kit?

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