DigitalRev Waterproof Camera Showdown

Summer is no doubt just around the corner, and you'll probably find yourself in some type of water situation whether it be pool side or ocean beach. It's a bit expensive trying to dive down with your DSLR's, so it might be smart to just grab a cheaper Point and Shoot. The guys over at do a review on a couple of waterproof camera options you might already be thinking about. Too bad they didn't actually take 'under water' photos or videos, but i'll let them slide considering they had an actual Bikini model to keep the review interesting.

Here's some of the Cameras they review:

3 thoughts on “DigitalRev Waterproof Camera Showdown

  1. photoman022

    great sense of humor. greater looking model--a real cutie! if i buy a waterproof camera, you've given me materials with which to make an informed decision. well, i have to check out that model one more time!

  2. Fabdex

    Yeah, the girl is quite stunning, but this guy is such an idiot that I couldn't sit through the whole thing.

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