Delkin Snug Fit Silicone Camera Armor

If you're interested in keeping scratches or wear marks off your camera, there's a number of different Silicone skins. Here's a video from YouTube member ZepsTips showing the fit and finish of the Delkin Snug Fit Silicone body armor on a Canon 60D. [Thanks Chris] These are available for most popular Canon and Nikon DSLR camera bodies following the link (click here).

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6 thoughts on “Delkin Snug Fit Silicone Camera Armor

  1. I'm pretty accident prone, so I use one of these on my 550D. It fits the camera perfectly, makes it very easy to grip, and if I decide to sell it, I know it'll still look like a brand new camera. I've shot with it in the Italian summer and in the volcanic desert in Lanzarote and never had any problems with overheating - I do use a battery grip though so maybe that helps. One issue it does have is that it rides up a little when the battery grip is attached, but I guess it'd would be pretty easy to trim a bit off. I also use one of the Neewer/Perfect 3x Viewfinders, so I glued the frame to the camera armour so I easily snap it on and off. Overall, highly recommended.

  2. Tony

    I agree, for $35, it's a pretty good investment, even if it isn't more than body scratch protection. I had a commercial client actually come by our place to physically see our Equipment list first hand. Anything that can give you a competitive advantage at this price is worth it IMO. If it just saved your camera body from separating at the seams from a fall at a wedding..that too is something entirely beneficial. Funny I just did a outdoor wedding with light rain drizzle yesterday... this would have offered an additional layer of PoM for cheap.

  3. Steve V

    For $35 I would agree this is a reasonable investment. @Steve M. If the camera is already overheating, then yeah this won't help. To me that's a design problem to begin with. This product would honestly be nice for the new Black Magic Cinematic Camera because of the way its designed (lots of aluminum surfaces), few buttons, and if there was another rubber flap over the SSD door that would be a good thing.

  4. Steve M.

    In the summer heat, that thing will do nothing but add to overheating. Make no mistake, these cameras needs ambient air to aid in its internal cooling. You wrap rubber around it, and that's like swimming Laps in a heated swimming pool with a full wet suit on, see how long you last with that on.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Jay Windland - Scratches on the camera is the only function. There's not much more to this, fairly straight forward. If anyone isn't concerned about scratches, it's no big deal. One benefit would be when selling your camera as you upgrade. A camera with a scratch is lower value on the market, and harder to pawn off.

    If you plan to run your camera to the ground like some of us, then obviously we don't care about it's condition.

  6. So aside from preventing scratches on the camera body, which I don't think is a really big concern for a lot of people, are there any other benefits to using something like this? Like, it's not water resistant, right? Maybe if you are shooting on a beach it could protect your camera from sand? But even then, it won't protect your glass. I guess I just don't get what problem this solves.

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