Deal: Mini Telescoping Video Crane Jib $169

These Mini Telescoping Video Jib / Cranes are getting cheaper by the week. Typically the Carbon Fiber Version (found here) runs for close to $300 dollars, but here's a pretty sweet deal on the Aluminum version for just $169.99 (found here) which even includes counterweights and a bowl adapter. Below is an example video we put together on how these cranes operate.

These ultra-portable video jibs fold down to about 30″ inches, but can telescope to a full 6.5′ Feet long. Comes with a travel bag, Mini Jib supporting rod for counterweights, x3 Counterweights, and a Bowl adapter for 70mm/100mm video fluid heads. Pretty sweet price for a mini travel crane, and I suggest you look into more details following the link (click here).

Mini Portable Jib CraneMini Bowl Adapter Jib Crane Travel Carbon Aluminum
find-price-button Aluminum Portable Travel Telescoping Mini Jib Crane

International Orders

For International orders, you may want to check this listing for the same Portable Mini Telescoping Video Jib / Crane via eBay (click here).

Portable Telesciping Mini Jib Crane
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Live Feed Mini Jibs Available Now - via eBay

48 thoughts on “Deal: Mini Telescoping Video Crane Jib $169

  1. Jermaine green

    I just bought this mini jib. It comes with a 70mm ball adapter. Do you where I can get 75mm ball bowl adapter where I can replace that one with. Instead of the 70mm.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Leo - This Carbon version is the same one we did a demo with:

    Here's another inexpensive one, it's the aluminum version similar to the one we did the demo with:

    I don't know why someone put a bad review on this item (fake review?) but it's the exact same crane as the one in the article:

  3. Hey emm, both are out of stock on amazon. I'm Brazilian and spending a month here in California. Any other budget jib on amazon that you recommend? Most don't have reviews. I was expecting below U$300 to use with a t3i and 17-50 sigma, nothing more on the rig.

    Thanks a lot

  4. Hey guys just checked and this production is available again for about $20 more than originally posted. $189, grab it while you can!

  5. ...never knew that...thanks for the information...

    mine came in by the way...been using it in offices, on gallery balconies, outside in public plaza, and in a parking garage...

    I use my nexus tablet as camera control/monitor and it works great...

    anything more than dalr body, lens, and possibly battery grip, will get serious bow action at full extension...
    ...tried it with the Gear Box with rods and it was kinda too much...

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Alexey - It's an eBay seller thing when the product is out of stock. They don't expect anyone to pay this. The reason they change the price is because If the listing is completely sold out the listing will lose it's ranking on ebay. If they can maintain the original listing, they keep their search rank, and change the price back when it's in stock.

  7. MAGEtv

    ... found one for 250USD and I went for it before the cheesy cam effect spikes the price again...

    I will use it on a couple events I am gonna shoot over the next two weeks...

    I am excited because the cobra crane is pretty bulky (but I still love it) and does not travel so well...

  8. Rick Gates

    Emm... just to let you and others know, the aluminum mini jib doesn't take standard weights (not sure about the CF). Standard weights come with a 1" hole, and the long threaded bar on mine measure just under 5/8" (.6").

  9. Rick Gates

    I picked up the aluminum model and it works just great, especially with panning provided by my 504HD head & 546B sticks.... solid.

    Only downside is getting my hand, or even a short screwdriver under the camera mount to tighten up on the 1/4"x20 screw. Just no room.

    As always, thanks Emm!!

  10. J hanna

    I bought the alluminum version and it came super fast.
    Set up and ready to fly in 3 minutes.
    Packs up tight.
    I love it.

  11. HDtography


    Just purchased the same CF version as in your video above. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Olivia did a review of the aviator jib that used the Kamera shoulder rig weight through one of its holes, can this be done with the Chinese CF jib I just ordered from eBay seller photolight?

    Any recommendations for small streamlined sand bags or maybe thoughts on something like the water bottle holder varavon once offered with a gravity based pulley system for their sliders? Think that might work out with this mini jib loop on the "came" CF version?

  12. HDtography

    Sold out at Amazon and yesterday he jacked the price up almost 50%! (went from $179 to $260 plus shipping in just 4 days!)

    Just robbery... Greedy Flippin [email protected]@r#!

  13. VisX

    Hmm, would the Manfrotto "520BALL 75mm Half Ball" work with the jib's bowl? If so, is there advantage to get a 100mm half ball over a smaller 75mm?

  14. VisX

    Would anyone please suggest a good and reasonably priced video head with half-ball (for the bowl) for a small DSLR/mirrorless camera to use with this mini jib? Thanks

  15. Don

    How are folks mounting their cameras to the end of the non-bowl version of the jib?

    Has anyone run a fluid head at the jib arm end?

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Tina - Both are excellent cranes and work great for DSLR Video shooters. The Aviator is truly the most compact and the lightest, but for people who can't afford the Aviator this crane is literally 1/3rd the cost.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Noel - You can put a second screw in a quick release plate. Two screws in one plate will prevent it from twisting off.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Alexey - CF is Carbon Fiber. It is a lighter material that is still fairly strong.

  19. JSS

    Thanks for International Link Emm. Canadian Amazon not up to par with the US version.

  20. Noel

    I have one of these jibs, and the up and down movement is perfect. However, when I want to go side to side, the jib just rotates on top of my fluid head, rather than moving the whole head. I've tightened it as tight as I can go but it still begins to slip. Any advice for me?

  21. Anthony

    I've just spent the day running around the forest filmi g a Mountain bike video with the cheapo Carbon version of this crane. Worked brilliantly on my Sachtler FSB6. I use the tripod head for smooth pan of the jib and also tilt of the head. It's so light weight, I can't believe I was able to get the shots I did considering I was shooting soloing had constant location changes.

  22. Alex

    I sold my cobracrane and bought one of these small CF jibs and am much, much happier with it. The cobra crane was a pain to set up and the wire on the head to make it tilt slipped all the time. Not well built, had several pieces bent/broken when it arrived. By comparison, my CF jib is just a dream and do darn lightweight.

  23. much as i adore my cobracrane with extension, I think I will pick up one of these for establishing shots at events...if it lasts til friday...

    thanks Emm!!

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @John D - An FS700 might get to around 7 lbs. with a lens. These things are rated to carry at least a minimum of 10 lbs.

  25. Hi Emm,

    Think this would be good for an FS700? I was going to get the Kessler (which goes back on sale 5/28) but this looks pretty great too.

  26. how bout the Light Craft Workshop's Trapezist? that one is also on the affordable side. Anyone have any experience with it? how does it compare to the aviator or this one? Kessler Travel jib seems a bit too bulky to me :/

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Connor - What size bowl do you need? There are these type of adapters out there httpss:// Varavon makes one as well, typically used on Sliders, but could also work on Cranes.

  28. Connor

    Hi Emm,

    Was wondering if you knew of anywhere you can pick up the bowl mount adapter that comes with this jib? I have an indigo jib and i have been trying to find away to put a bowl mount for a fluid head at the end of it. Any thoughts?


  29. The thing that bothers me about these cheaper jibs is the lack of that fluid panning base on the Aviator, which otherwise doesn't justify its much-higher cost. Such a superior solution for simplicity, eliminating the need for a fluid panhead on the base that risks vertical/tilt travel on that head. The only alternative is to pair this cheapo (probably better build quality than the Kickstarted Aviator anyway) with one of those pan-base adaptors that OliviaTech featured a couple of weeks ago.

  30. Emm

    Post author

    @Anthony - Possibly, but maybe not at it's fullest extension. You don't need much travel with these jibs to get decent shots. This should not be the only jib a person owns, this is ideal for travel situations or indoor shooting in tight spaces.

  31. Emm

    Post author

    @Michael G. - Kessler's crane is awesome, built like a tank. Definitely worth every penny you would pay for a Kessler product. I have both in the studio and a friend stopped by the other day and said he would rather go with a lighter crane when traveling. He was deciding between this crane, and the Aviator. The benefit to the Aviator is that it's still the smallest most compact mini jib available. If you really need to travel ultralight and ultracompact, the Aviator is a good choice.

    These are all three good choices for cranes.
    Aviator = Smallest & Lightest Weight Carbon Fiber version Weighs just 2 ¾ lbs, Starting $479 Amazon
    Mini Telescoping Jib = Medium Sized (two piece design), Medium Weight 3.3lbs, Starting $169 Amazon
    Kessler Travel Jib = Medium Sized, Heaviest Weight: 5.5 lbs, Starting $599 via

  32. @emm Kessler traveler jib is going back on sale. I know there's more features on it, better build quality, and more money to boot. That said - which would you recommend? For run 'n' gun type docu stuff.

  33. Emm

    Post author

    @Anthony - I think it would be a good fit even if it was extended all the way for the BMCC. The camera is not really that heavy when it's bare (don't mount a rig to it). The diameter of the telescoping posts are pretty beefy and the Aluminum version should be stronger than the Carbon Fiber version. The CF version is just lighter.

  34. Emm

    Post author

    @Anthony - I've actually used my BMCC on the carbon fiber version of this with a Rokinon 35mm lens. Holds up fine, and you don't always have to use it at full extension. The front goes about 4ft. and the rear arm is about 2.ft long. It can handle more weight if you use it at a shorter length. On my manfrotto 190 Carbon fiber tripod, i'm getting the height up to 9.5' Feet in the air.

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