Cool spin on Wedding Trailer – Action

Ok, I might be late posting this, i'm sure most of you have already watched this. I just wanted to make sure that everyone got a chance to see this really amazing Video for a Wedding trailer. Shot by Roberto Balasko, this is not your teary eyed, slow jam, heart-felt wedding video. This one pumps out sounds and scenes more like an action thriller. According to the details there are (2) Two Canon 5D Mark II's, a Canon 7D, and EX1. Other equipment name drops include, Glidetrack, Mini Crane, Shoulder Mount, & Follow Focus. Great job on this one I Really really liked this. Follow his link to find more information, Use the icons below to Tweet, FB, and Digg.

8 thoughts on “Cool spin on Wedding Trailer – Action

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  2. travalav

    can't say i thought too much of this. some cool shots but most of it was broll, little to no narrative happening and although the quick cuts were effective, there were too many of them in a row. there needed to be some slower shots in there to give it some room to breathe. and that music is terrible. someone needs to put a stop to that awful choir-drum pounding hollywood crap and soon.

  3. Riz

    I thought it was hideous, and the web site says "this is how it is done" Really? Why is everyone in such a rush, a lot of footage is so frantic it makes me vomit. Quick focus, camera's panning, unable to read the words. If I paid for that I would want a refund!

  4. Haha, wow, that was kinda epic! Great fast-paced scene changing, really builds it up this way. Thanks for that, haven't seen it yet! 🙂

  5. emess

    yeah, don't think i'd really want the lasting remembrance of my special day to be a 2007 lexus commercial

  6. Wedder

    EXCELLENT SHOTS... BEAUTIFUL and can't say enough on the quality but for a wedding it felt way way over-dramatic and was like a season finale of The Apprentice and The Bachelor combined. Just too intense. I'd say ease up on the pace. Makes me wonder if this wedding day is going to be like a "Did I make the right choice?!" "People are against my decision, but I'm doing it anyway!" I dunno... All for cool wedding videos, but this is a bit over-the-top for the genre.

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