Cinevate Horizen Video Slider Variable Drag Feature

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I had just unboxed the new Cinevate Horizen Slider, and this is just one small feature that blew me away! The surface of the flywheel (possibly conductive) passes through a stationary magnet, creating a magnetic field that opposes the magnetic field of the stationary magnet - thus creating drag force that is proportional to its velocity! Basically the same technology you'll find in the braking system of a Super Train!

Zero contact, zero friction, zero wear! And because of this feature they were also able to reduce the weight of the flywheel as they don't need to rely on pure mass. This is by far the most innovative variable drag ever implemented on a video slider! To think this is just one of sooo many new innovative features. If you're thinking about the #Cinevate #Horizen it will not disappoint. It's even ready to accept motion control (optional add-on).

I'll be covering more features later, but this is definitely a game changing innovation as far as video sliders go and had to share this right away. More information about the Cinvevate Horizen Slider can be found (here).