5 thoughts on “Cinegears Seamless Rubber Universal Follow Focus Lens Ring

  1. Barry

    Hey Emm,

    Thanks again for all you do on your site.

    Curious to know which follow focus you like the most? I have the edelkrone focus pro, which is great... But I'm looking to step and have a leash so I can have a focus puller. Any thoughts?

    Thank you

  2. krys

    if you're going to travel, seamless would be good so you can fit the lenses in smaller spaces otherwise you would have to re-attach+screw them back on. sometimes the screws gets in the way and bumps into your camera/focus gear (during focus) if you dont install it right; doesn't let you focus full rotation. (then you have to remove and reattach again. )

    i have a old tiny takumar lens that has about 270 degree rotation and the gears i bought don't fit. i had to add foam and use it to fill negative space ( around the focus ring /under the gear) so the gear can fit

  3. Dan K.

    Wow. These look terrific. Gotta say it's the best looking design I've seen yet.

    But whoa -- $35 each. Ouch.

    I already have the Wide Open Camera red plastic gear rings attached to my lenses. I ditched the nylon tie straps and with effort sewed them end-to-end to get a "sorta" seamless effect. At least they are easier to store now without the tie strap knuckles catching on everything.

    These rubber ones with the little clips look way better and will engage the follow focus gear better too.

    I've got six lenses I could put them on immediately but it's getting to where I can't afford all the cool stuff you come up with.

  4. Michael

    Cordvision.com just announced to sell an actually custom machined gear very soon, which should be even better as it is truly seamless. I signed up for the beta program ($35 per gear).

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