CineEye 5G Wireless Video Transmitter for Smartphones and Tablets

There are many use cases for needing video to be sent to a remote monitor, and many reasons why this has to be done wirelessly. But most of the products designed for transmitting video wirelessly from your camera to a remote monitor have been too expensive, and cheaper DIY solutions have been too clunky (mounting, powering, latency, etc).

But now there's hope for the masses. The Accsoon CineEye is an exciting new Pocket-Sized 5G Wifi Video Transmitter first introduced at the 2019 NABShow. The design is simple. Small, internal rechargeable battery, and a single HDMI input. Instead of requiring a separate receiver, the video feed from your camera is sent through the CineEye and viewed on a smartphone or Tablet via a Wifi connection and an App.

Since we're talking about using a smartphone as a monitor, the Accsoon CineEye App includes many 'monitoring features' you might find in more professional monitors such as zebras, focus peaking, histograms, and even LUT support.

If you're looking to share your video feed to multiple screens, the CineEye is capable of streaming up to 4 devices simultaneously without degrading performance. Speaking of performance, the latency of the video stream is incredibly low and seems fast enough to pull focus with during a live shoot. Retail price should be just around $210 US dollars, which in my opinion is a steal. The CineEye will be available on Amazon later this month (check here).

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2 thoughts on “CineEye 5G Wireless Video Transmitter for Smartphones and Tablets

  1. Duncan Craig

    If this could display the HDMI timecode they'd be onto a real winner for me.

  2. Scott Watson

    So this seemed like a home run - until I realized you need to download the app to view it.

    I'll probably still buy one and just leave an information card hanging at the video village stand.

    I would love it for Art Directors, Boom Operators, Set Designers, Make Up artists even! Would be nice if they could just tune in and check the frame without having to bother me as operator or directors - which is what they can essentially do, but there's just that 1 barrier to entry!

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