Cheap Tip DIY Rolling C-Stand for Monitor

When using a monitor on a shoot, I noticed I tend to move it around quite a bit. So you could go for a decent rolling stand (like this), or you could try this inexpensive trick using Mini Furniture Dollies.

These little dollies are cheap, but because they aren't fixed to the stand you want to make sure you're using it on a fairly smooth surface. If you want to make them a bit more secure, you could screw on some cups (pvc end caps?) onto the dollies to keep the legs inserted. It's a great tip for moving around something like a director's monitor, but probably not something you want to use if your c-stand is elevated too high with a heavy object. But it's nice that these can pack up in my c-stand bag, and I can opt to throw them on depending on the location i'm setup at.

crystal 800 wireless 3 Wheel Dollies Furniture Table Legs

2 thoughts on “Cheap Tip DIY Rolling C-Stand for Monitor

  1. Dan

    I bought three 1" PVC slip-fit pipe caps for $0.78 each and placed them under the legs of the C-Stand while they sat on the little triple-wheel dollies.

    I heated the PVC with a hot-air heat gun until the cap softened and took the shape of both the C-Stand leg and the top of the dolly.

    After they cooled, I pulled the C-Stand off, noting where the PVC cap naturally sat. I drilled holes through the PVC and through the thin steel of the dolly, then countersunk the hole inside the cup and bolted the cap in place using a 3/4" x 10-32 or even 8-32 flat head screw and washer/lock nut underneath.

    Now the C-Stand cannot slip off the dollies, but can be easily removed by lifting the C-Stand straight up and out of the cups.

  2. Dan

    Done and done. Got three at Harbor Freight for under $14.

    Been looking for a way to move a heavy steel C-stand around effortlessly. This works.

    I'm sure there's a way to attache the dollies easily and securely.

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