Cheap Must Have Remote to Start Stop Video on Sony A7s A7RII A7sII RX10MKII Cameras

One of the biggest complaint on Sony A7 (A7s/A7rII,etc) camera bodies is placement of the Video Start/Stop Button. Even though on the new Sony A7RII (and Sony A7sII) the Video Button can be reprogrammed, it's still in a very inconvenient place. Especially if you're working with a gimbal stabilizer, or shoulder rig. To solve this problem, you can add one of these Remotes. Here's a short video about the Fotga Remote for Sony Cameras (found here).

This Fotga Remote will not only make your life a lot easier, but make you more efficient. Being able to Start and Stop video means that each video clip will have a perfect beginning and end, so you don't have to trim out those unwanted sections in post. It means keeping your hands on your shoulder rig or on your Gimbal Stabilizer so you don't get off balance. You can also mount the remote to the handle of your Video Tripod!
fotga remote sony a7rii a7s a7sII video

There is both a 1/4-20 thread in the remote as well as an area for elastic strap, giving you endless mounting options.
fotga start video remote sony a7s a7sii a7rii

It plugs directly into your Sony's multi-port (usb), so no worries about IR or line of sight issues. If you're using a Shogun recorder with your Sony camera, you can even configure your camera to auto trigger recording on the Atomos Shogun. One more thing I failed to mention in the video, there's also an ON/BUTTON Slider on the side of the remote. It works perfectly with my Sony A7RII and kicks the camera on/off instantly with no lag! Perfect addition for conserving battery power and keeping the camera from overheating without taking your hands off a gimbal or shoulder rig.
fotga on off sony a7 a7s a7rII remote

The Fotga remote is half the price of the OEM Sony version (seen here), but works just as well and build quality is excellent - a must have for any Sony A7 shooter.

Fotga Remote for Sony A7sII A7RII A7s A7 camera bodies start stop video cheesycam
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18 thoughts on “Cheap Must Have Remote to Start Stop Video on Sony A7s A7RII A7sII RX10MKII Cameras

  1. Dan

    Can someone tell me if the zoom controler is variable speed zoom?

    Thinking it's a constant zoom controller, which would be disappointing.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter Bosch - Hmm, the weight of the cable should not be a problem, but the issue might be if the cable prevents the gimbal from tilting. The cable has to connect directly to the side of the camera next to the gimbal frame.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @krys - I have not tried any wireless setups. If you think you have a bad cable, you could do a continuity test on the cable back to the control board in the Birdycam to confirm. If the cables are good, it might be a connection at the battery.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @krys - Timecode is just for the Shogun to trigger automatically. Without timecode the remote works directly with the camera.

  5. Peter Bosch

    Emm: I have a Sony A6000 and a Came Single - and added the handles (as you decribed it). Do you think, this remote is a useful add-on or will the cable disturb the function of the gimbal?

  6. krys

    also have you tried any of the wireless remotes from 3rd party brands? i have too many wires on my gimbal/birdycam

    btw i think i have a loose power cable connection from gimbal to battery. i have to bend/push on the wire against the battery for the gimbal to turn on

  7. krys

    I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!
    was browsing amazon and no 1 was able to really confirm if any of the 3rd party remotes work for a7s

    maybe they didn't know of that time code set to ON

    nice velcro and 1/4" thread mount !!!!!!!

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Southerndude - Yeah this should work with the RX series cameras. The remote has the zoom lever too. I should try this on my RX10MKII.

  9. Emm: This remote also works with the Sony RX Cameras Confirmed on Sony's Website. RX100M2, RX100M3, RX-10, RX10M2 They all use the Sony RM-VPR1, so this clone remote should work. It Nice to have for the RX-10 to Zoom the Lensand start and stop and power on and off. Great find! I ordered one.

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