Carry Speed MagFilter Polarizer – Officially Available


The new Carry Speed MagFilter System Polarizers for high end compact cameras that lack threaded filter mounts are officially available today. If you're not quite sure what this is, you can see an old article posted (here). If you're unsure whether it will fit your camera, you can download and print a template to test with your camera from the product page.

Carry Speed MagFilter System Sony Canon

For those who prefer Amazon, the 36mm MagFilter Polarizer can be found (HERE), and the 42mm MagFilter Polarizer can be found (HERE).

Or purchase direct from the website from the MagFilter product page (Click Here)

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14 thoughts on “Carry Speed MagFilter Polarizer – Officially Available

  1. Vlad


    I just saw the youtube presentation (httpss:// but I can't seem to find anywhere on the website the 2-ring polarizer. Can anyone lend a hand?


  2. peederj

    Since this is a DIY site, one thing I think you can do for the RX100 that should work fine is buy a 37-52mm step up ring, dremel off the 37mm threads, and use some strong double stick tape. You will have a 52mm filter ring for about $4. I saw the same thing pre-cut on German ebay for $25, so it should work. A 52mm diameter should allow a couple filters without vignetting on the RX100 I would think.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Jay - Yup, I believe ND Filters will come next, and depending on feedback - more sizes to fit more cameras.

  4. I don't care about a polarizer. I need an ND grad. When will you be coming out with that?

    Looks like I will need to get the double stick tape out.

    It would be cooler if you would make a 49mm magnetized filter holder. That way we can use our existing NEX ND filters on the rx100. Now that would be cool!

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