Capture the Passion – Contest


SanDisk Capture the Passion Contest Series: Summer SportsSanDisk Capture the Passion Contest Series: Summer Sports
You could win $1,000 (USD) and a SanDisk Ultra® SDHC™ Card for your photo or video!
Four winners will be chosen!

The Contest
On-field action. Sideline celebrations. Show us your digital camera skills this summer!
We're looking for entries that best capture the spirit and passion of Summer Sports in the action of play or the celebration of fans. So bring it on! Show us a home run blast after your child's all-or-nothing swing in little league. The in-your-face antics of a friend's volleyball spike. How about the greatest wakeboarding performance the world has never seen? We want it all. Whatever you choose to shoot, style counts-so be bold, be creative, and show us what you've got for an opportunity to win $1,000 (USD) and a SanDisk Ultra® SDHC™ Card!

The Winners
There will be 2 video and 2 photo winners, split evenly under the Play and Celebration categories. All entries will be reviewed by fan voters and judged by a SanDisk panel of professional photographers. Can you make the cut? Good luck!

Restrictions apply and eligibility is limited. Entry deadline is 8/23/10 at 5 pm PT. Winners will be announced on or about 9/13/10. For more details please read the Official Contest Rules.

Meet the SanDisk Extreme Team of Judges
A professional team of world-class photographers will be reviewing your work. Learn more about the panel of judges you'll want to impress. Get more information here: