Canon new Lens Lineup


It's that time of year when all the players start announcing new things. Canon has announced some upgrades to previous lenses, but also added an unusual 'Zoom Fisheye'. I didn't think i'd be using those two words together when talking about one lens, but the new Canon 8-15mmL Zoom fisheye (yes it's an L lens) will have a minimum aperture of F/4. There's a good writeup about these new lenses over at

Canon EF 8-15mm F/4L Fisheye USM Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens

3 thoughts on “Canon new Lens Lineup

  1. Dan

    I think you mean 'Zoom Fisheye' as opposed to 'Telephoto Fisheye'? 8-15mm is not 'Telephoto' but is 'Zoom'! Cheers, Dan

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