Canon Lens to Sony E-Mount Lens Adapter + Built in Variable ND Filter – FotoDiox Fusion ND Throttle Auto Adapter

If you're working with a variety of Canon EF Auto Focus lenses with your Sony A7s, Sony A7sII or Sony A7RII cameras, you'll need a good lens adapter that can communicate to the lens so that you can at least change aperture values. Otherwise your lens will be stuck at one Aperture. At the same time, you'll probably need a variety of ND Filters to fit the different lenses - or at least a bunch of step up filters.

Or you can simplify your workflow and check out the new FotoDiox ND Throttle Fusion Adapter that has a built in Variable ND Filter (inside the lens adapter) while still allowing full communication to your Canon EF Auto Focus Lens and to adjust aperture settings from the camera's dials.

The FotoDiox ND Throttle Auto Lens Adapter is especially handy for people who love shooting in SLOG and wide open apertures. As the base ISO with SLOG on an A7s is 3200 (or 1600 on A7sII) normally your way overexposed. Adding an ND Filter as part of your Sony shooting kit is going to really help you control that SLOG exposure while keeping your super shallow DOF look.

Of course there are times when you need every bit of light you can get, so I can't say it's going to be the only Lens Adapters in your bag. Once you have this ND Throttle mounted you'll get a bit of light loss even at it's minimum setting ND. But I generally like shooting 'with' light and always try to add creative lighting to our scenes, so I could say this would probably tackle more than 80% of what we shoot with the Sony A7sII. It's definitely an adapter I think i'll use more over my Metabones.

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8 thoughts on “Canon Lens to Sony E-Mount Lens Adapter + Built in Variable ND Filter – FotoDiox Fusion ND Throttle Auto Adapter

  1. George

    I was wondering if lens stabilization works with this adapter.Dont see anyone mentioning this.Also do ef-s lenses work?Commlite has a cheaper ef/-mount adapter that takes ef-s lenses and makes is work but no autofocus mode works properly on my a6300.

  2. Post author

    @Scott - Thanks, that was super weird. It was still on YouTube but the embed code broke somehow. Re-embedded the code so it should be fine now.

  3. Post author

    @Lainol - I am doing mainly videos on my Sony cameras, so I will have to test it different lenses. The Auto Focus does work, but on some of my old Canon lenses seems pretty slow.

  4. Post author

    @Joakim - You cannot add an adapter between a Full Frame EF Lens and an EF Mount camera. The image you see that comes in from the front of an EF lens is designed to be in focus when it comes out the back of the lens to an EF mount camera. If you move the lens further away, the image is no longer in focus, you can try to research 'flange distance'.

    Now because an EF lens is not designed to be in focus on a M43 or Sony E-Mount camera (smaller sensors), in order for that same image to be in focus it has to be moved further from the M43 or Sony E-Mount sensor. So people make lens adapters to have these EF lenses sit further away. Now that you have an adapter Fotodiox has used this empty space to add a built in Variable ND Filter, and the adapter has been designed to communicate from a Sony to a Canon EF Auto Focus lens.

  5. Joakim

    This is great, but I can't find any of these ND throttles that are Canon EF to Canon EF. Do they exist? I just want the ND part so I don't have to buy separate sizes for different lenses.

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